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BJJ vs Judo

In this ultimate interdisciplinary match-up Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt VeVe Lane faces one of the best Fight Pulse girls, Diana, a judo black belt, in a competitive submission wrestling match. The display of technical skills from both wrestlers is spectacular. Both VeVe and Diana have top-notch ground game. But they also have in their arsenal moves specific to their particular disciplines.

The match will be published next week. Subscribe to our news using the email subscription form on the left sidebar to get information about the release. In the meantime feel free to let us know in the comments section who you think will win. The rules for this match were: grappling only, no leglocks, heel hooks, opponents start from their knees.

THIS MATCH HAS BEEN RELEASED: FW-09: VeVe Lane vs Diana (BJJ vs Judo)

veve lane vs diana promo

bjj vs judo promo

bjj vs judo - competitive female wrestling

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8 years 5 months ago

It’s a shame that they had to start on their knees even though I understand from a safety point of view, it’s just that I would’ve like to have seen some throws from a judo black belt. On to the match, I think it’ll be interesting. Even though Veve will have the advantage as she is a BJJ specialist, judo black belts are more than competent submission grapplers and I believe Diana will not be out of her domain on the ground. Veve is pound for pound one of the best in the business and it’s hard not to think… Read more »