What our clients say about Fight Pulse


Below are testimonials from our clients who have ordered custom-request videos from us in the past in reverse chronological order. Reviews of sponsored videos are not included (information about the difference between custom requests and sponsorships can be found in our FAQ).

Last updated: July, 2020

Customer name: Alex
Custom video(s) ordered: Upcoming scissors-power evaluation custom with Akela, NC-115, NC-109
Delivered: 07/2020, 01/2018, 09/2017
Upcoming scissors custom with Akela (07/2020):
That was incredible! I saw some teaser pics posted on the board this afternoon so I figured the video would be ready soon and made sure to watch it ASAP.
The video work was perfect. I loved the way the ending was shot and you also had the perfect perspective for each hold. The standing reverse headscissor was especially impressive. I also liked the unintended comedy in trying to figure out the rear headscissor. I should’ve probably just called it a classic headscissor.
I also want to be sure to thank Frank. He was really, really good in the video. It’s really hard to find a good “jobber” and he did a great job holding out as long as he could. I was actually worried for him in the rear reverse headscissor and full nelson/bodyscissor as those seemed to be really lethal.
And finally Akela! She’s got so comfortable and is a natural now in front of the camera. She’s come a long way since her first videos years ago and is now one of the best. I really wanted to see how much power it would take her to put in each hold to get a submission and she delivered. Safe to say, no one can take her full power!
Thanks again for doing this custom and turning it around so quick
NC-115, NC-109 (01/2018, 09/2017):
I recently commissioned two custom videos “Akela’s Lethal Legs” and “Jenni Czech’s Lethal Legs.” I can unequivocally state that Fight Pulse is the best in the game when it comes to custom videos. I wanted a realistic video where these two woman don’t hold back and crush their male opponents relentlessly. I requested this same scenario with 4 other video producers as well and only one of them came close to replicating my custom order experience with Fight Pulse. Fight Pulse gives you exactly what you want in a custom order experience and I give them my highest recommendation!

Customer name: Eric
Custom video(s) ordered: Upcoming Warrior Amazon vs Luke pins-only competitive match, MX-177, MX-117, MX-118
Delivered: 07/2020, 05/2019, 05/2018
Upcoming Warrior Amazon vs Luke pins-only competitive match (07/2020):
This was probably the most anticipated shoot I ever sponsored. To say that I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning was an understatement. I have always wanted to see Warrior Amazone in a pins match wearing my favorite attire.
About the match itself. If you are a pins fan and you don’t like this match, check your “Fight Pulse” because this is the best one I have ever witnessed. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn that I was on scene directing it myself. Zweig and the Fight Pulse staff absolutely nailed this one. Amazone Warrior was simply breathtaking (in more ways than one) in her jean shorts and red sports bra. The 23 pins she recorded I believe is the new Fight Pulse record. Can Sheena beat it???
I want to give kudos to Luke for being brave enough to endure participating in this match. Luke probably thinks I have it out for him or something, but that is not the case. Thank you very much for having the courage to make something like this happen. You have definitely earned my admiration.
MX-177 (05/2019):
A couple of clerical errors, but I still absolutely loved the video. Gloria was supposed to ask Luke if he was pinned and Luke had to admit he was pinned before Bianca’s count. Bianca also forgot to say pinned after she slapped the mat more than a few times. However, this video was so good on so many levels, I can look past that.
Luke has improved a great deal. He put on quite a fight out there despite being intimidated by Gloria’s legs. I understand that he was even victorious in a previous Fight Pulse match. Good for him!
Both Gloria and Bianca looked fantastic in their outfits. I have to be honest. If I was Luke out there I would have been very distracted. I don’t think anything else needs to be said here.
If Gloria isn’t careful, she could be in the running for most improved wrestler of 2019. She still has a ways to go to reach the caliber of Zoe and Rage, but she is well on her way.
I am glad that Gloria enjoyed the pins only match. Two pins that were my favorite were the cross body pin about midway through the match, and the schoolgirl pin where she played it up for the camera as the count reached 10. I really love her charisma when she is wrestling. She makes the match a lot more fun by doing that.
Bianca could very well be the sexiest ref in women’s wrestling. I won’t deny that a wardrobe malfunction with that top wouldn’t have hurt my feelings. She is fantastic and can’t wait to see her matches at Fight Pulse.
Lastly, my hat is off to you! Your camera work and production is top notch…second to none in my opinion. Going forward, my only advice would be to continue the female ref idea. My reasoning is that when you aren’t distracted having to perform that extra duty, you get camera shots that are out of this world. Award winning if you will.
Many thanks for everything my friend!
MX-117 and MX-118 (05/2018):
These matches are without a doubt dream matches for those who are pin fans. You will see plenty of them in both matches. Both ladies look breathtaking in their jeanshorts and bikini tops. Vanessa opted for the traditional jeanshorts, while Zoe went with the more risque look. I really liked Zweig’s idea of turning this into a pinning contest, with the winner being the lady to achieve the most pins. Hopefully, this idea could see fruition every 6 months or so because I am certain that pin fans would be very interested. Having each lady referee the other match added excitement because it is humiliating enough for Luke to get pinned over and over again by each lady, but even more so for them to slap the mat and announce that you are pinned. It looked to me as though Vanessa enjoyed being the referee because you could see a wry smile everytime she announced that Luke was pinned. On the other hand, I like how Zoe slapped the mat really hard after each pin, as though she also enjoyed each and every time Luke was pinned. I would like to thank Zweig, Vanessa, Zoe, and Luke for making this happen. Definitely a couple of dream matches came true for me.

Customer name: Chuck
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-210
Delivered: 06/2020
Oh wow what an incredible video!! Akela looked so gorgeous. Perfect outfit too. It is everything I was looking for. I only wished it was me on the receiving end of Akela’s onslaught. Thanks to all for the foot kissing!! That was grrrrreat!!! I worship Akela!

Customer name: Tom
Custom video(s) ordered: target=”_blank”>FW-158
Delivered: 06/2020
Wow this match is great. Often the reality can never live up to the fantasy, but this match was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Akela was at her dominant best and has a passion for wrestling that seems to come naturally to her. Kornelia fought bravely and showed real toughness despite being much smaller, There were many moments in the match where Kornelia could have quit but kept on fighting. The Balance of the fight was perfect.
I also thought the 5 point advantage for Kornelia added extra excitement to the match.
I know this style of match will not be popular with everyone, but I’m sure Akela and kornelia will have made new fans with the way they wrestled, it was very intense and gripped my attention from start to finish.
I hope everyone else enjoys this match as much as I did.

Customer name: Matt
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-204, MX-108, NC-110, NC-61
Delivered: 02/2020, 01/2018, 10/2017, 12/2016
NC-204 (02/2020):
It’s great as always. Thanks to all involved. You also do a great job with different camera angles that a lot of producers don’t do.
Thanks again!
MX-108 (01/2018) and NC-110 (10/2017):
I’ve ordered three custom videos from Fight Pulse. From the first contact to the finished product, Naji has been completely professional. He is quick in responding to any questions or requests, and makes every effort to make your video exactly as you ask. And in my case, he was very successful! Each of the videos I ordered was GREAT! The girls are awesome too! I will definitely be ordering more videos from Fight Pulse.
NC-61 (12/2016):
I’ve ordered custom videos from two other companies. One was ok, the other was not. The video from Naji at Fight Pulse was not just ok, it was GREAT! The communication, the content, and the speed of delivery, and the quality were all beyond what I expected. Naji will find out what you’re looking for and he will make it happen. I will definitely be ordering from Fight Pulse I again, and I will continue to check in with their regular updates. GREAT work guys! And thanks again!

Customer name: Jack
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-208
Delivered: 10/2019
Well, congratulations, FP-CR-97 Pamela-vs-Andreas exceeded all expectations, I don’t think Andreas was ever dominated like this before, fans of foot fetish should be delighted with this video. Pamela seems to be a natural domina, the sexy accent, the pretty face, the great physique and the good wrestling holds all contributing to the enjoyment of watching this video. I never thought I would say this, but as far as I’m concerned, this is the best NC video that FP has ever produced and I’m only halfway through the video while writing these lines.

Customer name: William
Custom video(s) ordered: FW-125, FW-123
Delivered: 06/2019, 04/2019
The Fight Pulse custom video team asked questions of me before creating my 2 custom videos and were very much interested in my desires for my custom videos. They evidently put forth a lot of effort in producing my videos, seemingly some angles from elevated positions maybe on step stools or ladders? The mats and well lit production areas allowed filming from all angles and i am 200% satisfied with my videos. Even better that Rage well coached and seems to be having fun, financial arrangements all professionally arranged and thanks

Customer name: Tommy
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-187, NC-150, NC-139, NC-112, FW-69, NC-77, NC-49, NC-29, NC-24
Delivered: 06/2019, 11/2018, 06/2018,12/2017, 09/2017, 03/2017, 09/2016, 04/2016, 02/2016
NC-187 (06/2019):
My tenth custom request with Fight Pulse was a rematch of a match that happened 2 years prior: FW-73. I wanted to write a scenario in which Foxy won that match instead, since she’s a far more natural domme than Revana. As expected, this turned out very well, producing one of my favorite custom videos yet. Foxy is simply an incredible performer when given the reins, as anybody who has seen her onslaught videos will know. She’s also among the best at following a script in my experience – this scenario came with a complex script and Foxy completely nailed it; no detail was missed and every aspect of the match was executed perfectly. Revana deserves credit for this too of course; she was phenomenal in her role as always. Thanks to Foxy, Revana, Naji, and the entire Fight Pulse team for yet another fantastic video.
NC-150 (11/2018):
My ninth custom request with Fight Pulse was a redux of my sixth (NC-112). I really liked how that script turned out and have since wanted to see a couple of other wrestlers do it. Isabel wowed me with her debut, so I thought that she would be a good fit for it. And she was. Isabel’s scissoring looks fantastic, especially for how new she is to wrestling. She’s also quite aggressively dominant, particularly in the smother segment, in which she made Frank submit numerous times per round before letting him up. Isabel humiliated Frank nicely in the “human furniture” segment, though unlike Katniss, she wasn’t super creative with it, possibly due to her inexperience. The positions she did use looked amazing anyway, so it’s no big deal. Frank, who has long been my favorite jobber on FP, also lived up to expectations. He does an awesome job making Isabel’s offense look as devastating as possible. Thanks to Isabel, Frank, Naji, Lucrecia (translator), and everybody else involved for another excellent production.
NC-139 (06/2018):
My eighth custom request with Fight Pulse was a roleplaying scenario with Rage and Revana. Both wrestlers played their parts well and the action was beautiful, with Rage imposing her signature style of domination on Revana. Rage used all of the moves I requested multiple times, added some of her own moves, and spaced them all evenly throughout the match. Rage also got very creative with trash talk, improvising many interesting lines consistent with her role (a few of her lines are scripted, but most are not). It’s worth mentioning that Revana was asked to win a few rounds in this scenario, and the moves she uses to do that are all different and look very good as well. Thanks to Rage, Revana, Naji, and the rest of the Fight Pulse team for producing yet another amazing video.
NC-112 (12/2017):
This is my sixth custom request with Fight Pulse; that fact alone is indicative of the extent to which I trust this company. For this one, my idea was a mixed domination video with Katniss focused on three distinct styles: scissors, smothers, and “human furniture” i.e. humiliating pins. The result was one of Katniss’s best videos and certainly her most dominant performance on Fight Pulse to date. All three segments were excellent, with Katniss showcasing about as much variety as is possible within each of the styles. I also appreciated how long the video was – my idea was destined to produce a longer-than-average video in the first place, but Fight Pulse really went above and beyond with this 49-minute masterpiece. I was not charged extra for the time. My only complaints were that Katniss does not count very many pins in the human furniture segment and that she sometimes gets off of Andreas without pinning him. However, Katniss does still put Andreas in lots and lots of different humiliating positions throughout the segment. Thanks to Katniss, Andreas, Naji, and the rest of the Fight Pulse team for this custom video.
FW-69 (09/2017):
My fifth custom request with Fight Pulse was a simple idea. I just wanted to see Revana, one of my favorite Fight Pulse wrestlers, be dominated by the visiting Axa Jay in a humiliation finish match. The match was to be competitive, but given Axa’s world-class skills, the outcome was inevitable. Axa put on a wrestling clinic with a large variety of dominating moves, including lots of schoolgirl pins as I had requested. Axa’s humiliation finish after the match (which was only loosely scripted) was amazing, and everything I asked for was included. Revana for her part put up the best fight she could despite the impossible odds. Both the match and the humiliation finish were each several minutes longer than I had requested, which was a pleasant surprise and much appreciated. Thanks to Axa Jay, Revana, Naji, and everybody else involved for an excellent production.
NC-77 (03/2017):
My fourth custom request with Fight Pulse was a rematch of my first, but with a very different script. This time the match was to be partially competitive, but with some scripted rounds to control the score. It was important for the score to be even going into the final round in order for the scripted finish to work. This was a complicated idea that was executed beautifully by the wrestlers. I was really asking a lot of them here and they delivered. I’ve never even been completely certain of which rounds are the scripted ones, thanks to the good acting and the fact that Katniss and Revana are close to an even match for each other. Katniss and Revana each used a good variety of moves, including some surprise facesitting late in the match on both sides (I had not asked for this but was very happy to see it). Thanks to Katniss, Revana, Naji, and the rest of the team for going above and beyond with this video.
NC-49 (09/2016):
For my third custom request with Fight Pulse, I wanted to see Revana dominating a small male, one at least close to her size. And that is just what she does here, humiliating Andreas with a great variety of moves including scissors, schoolgirl pins, and facesitting. This is Revana’s most dominant performance to date and I could not have been happier with the video. Thanks to Revana, Andreas, Zweig, and the rest of the Fight Pulse team for making this happen.
NC-29 (04/2016):
For my second custom request with Fight Pulse, I asked for essentially the same scenario, but with a different match-up. It was, again, a fantastic video. However, it did not quite live up to the greatness of the original scenario because Giselle’s resistance was a little too strong at times, leading to some awkward moments. Regardless, Katniss was very sexy in her domination of Giselle, especially during the nearly 3-minute (!) victory pose sequence. Thanks to everyone involved, and an extra thanks for Katniss’s outfit – it was specifically requested by me and purchased by Fight Pulse at no additional cost to me.
NC-24 (02/2016):
This is my first custom request with any producer and I am extremely happy with the result. Zweig was very professional throughout the order process and the whole thing went from idea to finished video in a little over a month. My idea was a staged F-F domination match with Revana and Katniss, with Revana doing most of the dominating. My script was very detailed, including (among other things) requests for specific moves from both wrestlers and a long, uncut victory pose sequence. The team at Fight Pulse pulled it off spectacularly and gave me exactly what I wanted. The action throughout is easily some of the best I’ve ever seen, with a great variety of sexy dominant holds from Revana (and a few by Katniss too). It is also a lot more realistic than some staged wrestling videos that I’ve seen by other producers. This isn’t just one wrestler lying down for the other; Katniss gives a solid mock effort throughout. It’s still probably not the video for fans of competitive wrestling (there are a few holds used that would never work in a real match) but if you are a fan of F-F domination you are going to want to see this. I give my thanks to Revana, Katniss, Zweig, Xena (translator), and everyone else on the Fight Pulse team who contributed to making this happen. For anybody out there who is thinking about ordering a custom wrestling video, I strongly recommend that you do it through Fight Pulse. For my part, I will definitely be working with them again in the future.

Customer name: Dan
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-166, NC-148
Delivered: 02/2019, 12/2018
NC-166 (02/2019):
After an impressive performance against Lia Labowe, it was time to have Jenni Czech take on Zoe.
Naji was, once again, very easy to work with. He responded to my emails within minutes and gave me another fair quote for this custom match.
The space the Fight Pulse matches are filmed in is fantastic. Large area; huge mats; well lit. The cameras they use are impressive with no shaking and very clear.
The match itself even incorporates something I always request but rarely get. The appearance of sweat from water on perfect bodies.
Zoe and Jenni don’t disappoint as they battle. Staredowns, victory poses, lots of submissions and a surprise ending.
More great work from Naji and team.
NC-148 (12/2018):
I have been sponsoring / funding custom female fight videos for over 15 years.
In that time, I’ve helped create over 100 videos. The video that Fight Pulse just created was arguably my best custom ever.
This is strictly my opinion and I will provide my reasons:
First, Fight Pulse was easy to contact and they responded to my emails quickly.
Once reading what I wanted, they quickly reached out to my first match-up option. However, my first choice was out of town.
We went with Jenni Czech instead of Zoe and I’m so glad we did. I was looking for a girl that matched Lia in height / size.
The rate I was quoted was also very reasonable for what I wanted to see and how long the video would be for.
At this point, I sent the funds and I sent a detailed script.
I waited for almost a month for Lia to arrive in Prague, but it was worth the wait. Jenni and Lia did not disappoint.
I am VERY PICKY about certain parts of my customs. Most companies fall short or try too hard and it’s not genuine.
The perfect mix of having 2 ladies that match up well, along with a great setting, lighting and camera work made for a video that is exactly what I wanted and more.
This was a situation of over-delivering. The video was better than I expected.
If you are thinking of having Fight Pulse create a custom video for you, don’t hesitate. It will be worth it.

Customer name: Fred
Custom video(s) ordered: MX-132, MX-64, NC-22, MX-34
Delivered: 12/2018, 03/2016, 01/2016, 06/2015
MX-132 (12/2018):
I have ordered several customs from fightpulse.com, and the experience is excellent and so professional, each time. This time, I learned that Lia Labowe was coming to fightpulse, so I asked whether they could set up a competitive grappling match against one of the males: I wasn’t even sure, that Lia Labowe would do a competitive match! I also asked whether she could do it in a black dancer leotard, but did not insist. Fightpulse arranged it both! The fight is awesome, closely contested, and both clearly give it all they got. Excellent interviews too! I won’t spoil the outcome: so go buy it, it really excellent and highly recommended! Overall a very pleasant experience, ordering this video: thank you fightpulse!!
MX-64 (03/2016):
Anika is an amazing athlete and fighter. Just looking at her, there is little doubt that she can easily win a fight against most guys. So, I was curious how she would do in a truly competitive match-up against two guys at the same time. There are really only very few female wrestlers out there, where such a challenge would even make sense, and Anika is one of them. I am grateful for fightpulse to set this up and do such an excellent job at it. The three participants really go at it, and give it their all, really trying to win. I do not want to put any spoilers here: just go watch it! But there is no question that this is hard-fought battle, where all three put their hearts and souls into getting the win. Very impressive, very well done, and an instant classic! This is an excellent job by all that were involved in making this video.
NC-22 (01/2016):
This video was set up at my request, and the result is really excellent. Jane is probably in high demand for fightpulse, and it is easy to see why. I am happy that fightpulse was willing to make this video for me, pitching her against two male opponents. She isn’t quite strong enough to truly take on two males at the same time, though, so this isn’t a truly competitive match and it wasn’t intended to be. But it feels remarkably competitive, nonetheless. Jane shows great confidence going in, she fierce, she is staring the guys down and she is taking the fight to them. The guys do a great job fighting back: ok, they don’t go all-out trying to get a win, but they look like they genuinely struggle against her onslaught, and often looks like she really gets to dominate them and get the wins, perhaps due to the less than fully forceful resistance. It is all beautiful to watch, well filmed, entertaining and quite interesting. The interviews at the beginning and end complement it all very nicely. Overall, a wonderful job by all parties involved.
MX-34 (06/2015):
I ordered a video, with one woman taking on two males at the same time and winning, at least most of the time. I wanted it to look realistic and competitive. There was a lot of helpful cooperation from Fight Pulse from getting this done, including choosing Diana, an accomplished Judoka, as the female. They chose Joseph and Ales as her opponent. The video certainly feels convincing that she is genuinely and strategically fighting the two of them. Both males looked perhaps a bit more clueless than I had hoped regarding what to do, with one of them a bit too passive in the end, for my taste: as result, it felt it was a bit too easy for her. The post-fight interview reveals that perhaps the more passive guy really was rather clueless. I am happy to believe that this wasn’t staged at all, but at times it felt that it might have been. That guy also looked rather frail and not like much of a challenge, certainly to a reasonably athletic female, also lessening a bit the competitive challenge to her. But, hey, this was certainly a very unusual request, and I think that they made the right decision pairing these two guys against her, to achieve what I wanted, a credible fight of one woman vs two guys and winning. Visually, the video could probably have been more attractive, but, in any case, I was certainly happy with the result. Fight Pulse took my request very seriously, and delivered a very genuine item. The post-fight interviews additionally helped in adding authenticity. Overall, a fantastic job and a company I would love to do more business with in the future.

Customer name: Tim
Custom video(s) ordered: MX-145, NC-91, NC-76, unreleased Zoe vs Andreas smother match, NC-75, NC-72, NC-93, MX-32, NC-04
Delivered: 11/2018, 04/2017, 03/2017, 03/2017, 02/2017, 02/2017, 02/2017, 05/2015, 01/2015
MX-145 (11/2018), NC-91 (04/2017), NC-76 (03/2017), unreleased Zoe vs Andreas smother match (03/2017), NC-75 (02/2017), NC-72 (02/2017) and NC-93 (02/2017):
In my time with Fight Pulse one has ordered many customs..those being CR 31,32,33,36,37,38,73 and I believe a couple more recently.
From the early customs to the latest the quality of filming and production has increased while not leaving the understanding of Fight Pulses’s roots.
From a wider selection of female athletes, some of which are quite hot to the standard and quality of matches, excusing a few dodgy counts and interpretation of pins by the ‘ref’ who one thinks is not always paying attention to the match and concentrating quite rightly I suppose to the angle of shot and how he can capture that ‘moment’ …the general standard is superb.
Each lady I have ordered a custom with is sensational, from Axa with which I have travelled to Fight Pulse with many times to Laken and her exquisite curves to Jane and her stunning beauty and Lucrecia, the biggest most sweetest bundle of fun you could ever wish to meet!
Fight Pulse is unique and growing every day, hopefully he will get some ladies with more exceptional curves (big boobs) lol to those that make one go “wow”…but one can dream! 😉
In all, one thinks Fight Pulse is Europe’s premier production company of wrestling, from it’s understanding to it’s variety of matches, to it’s ladies and even it’s quality ‘jobbers’ who to be fair are not but they do try their hardest but still……lose!
It’s sister company Absolute Victory is quite fruity and at times very, very naughty but worth a look at as well.
MX-32 (05/2015) and NC-04 (01/2015):
I have ordered 2 custom matches from Fight Pulse, both featuring the lovely Lucrecia. Both were well shot in HD, the style of each production is excellent from the opening interviews, to the match, to the closing interviews. All that I requested was included so one has no complaints, the only negative being certain parts were a little dark due to the floodlit arena although that does a little more atmosphere which gives it an extra edge. Fight Pulse is a very good young company that can only get better with age!

Customer name: Wayne
Custom video(s) ordered: FW-110
Delivered: 09/2018
The video was superb. The camera work is great and the performances from the two ladies is amazing.
I also very much appreciate the extended time as well, giving me 4 extra minutes.
If I was to give a bit of constructive criticism it would be I would’ve liked Foxy to slap at Rage’s thighs a lot more and Rage to moan and growl more. Also a little nitpick would be Foxy screamed a bit too loud at times and drowned Rage’s vocals out.
Apart from these little things Rage’s performance was outstanding. The tossing her head back, facial expressions, the sweat and the effort she put in to each scissor was incredible. Foxy as well for going through it.
You guys have made the best headscissor video I have ever seen and for me this is now the benchmark. I’d love to see you do more of these kind of headscissor videos on your site. The aggressive and erotic facial expressions and growling and moaning of the lady are things I feel are sorely missing from any other scissor and wrestling sites. No-one seems to do them with any regularity. I would certainly buy them if there were more available.

Customer name: Ron
Custom video(s) ordered: Private video – Jenni Czech vs Revana (bloody Halloween battle)
Delivered: 11/2017
Fight Pulse pays close attention to their customers request. They do not hesitate to include revisions to make custom matches more interesting. Jenni Czech and Revana are two beautiful and devoted ladies who go all out when taping a video and I highly recommend them.

Customer name: Ajit
Custom video(s) ordered: FW-74, FW-65, FW-61
Delivered: 09/2017, 04/2017, 03/2017
FW-74 (09/2017):
I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the custom you’ve done for me recently. With the Axa smothers match I specifically asked for her to go up against Revana but instead you used Revana for a different match vs Axa and used Giselle for the smothers match. Giselle did a good job and I enjoyed the match but Revana would have been better
FW-65 (04/2017) and FW-61 (03/2017):
I’ve now ordered two fvf smothers matches with fightpulse starring Zoe and Laken and they’ve both been excellent. Fightpulse did a great job of directing the wrestlers to get the holds I was after and their camerawork is by far the best in the business. The hi-res pictures fightpulse provides are also a great bonus and I would absolutely recommend them for your custom videos… they can make your fantasies into reality.

Customer name: Alexander
Custom video(s) ordered: FW-63
Delivered: 05/2017
As a big fan of Revana, I always wanted to see her under the control of Giselle again, so I asked Fightpulse for a custom. They produced a very good match, and proved a good understanding of doing customs by clearly working out what I had in mind. So I am a happy customner and can highly recommend them.

Customer name: Josh
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-85
Delivered: 02/2017
I’ve literally had hundreds of custom videos done over the last 10 years (mostly belly punching but some wrestling as well)…this was the best wrestling video I’ve ever had done! It was really fantastic, and they did a great job of selling the action.

Customer name: Doug
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-40
Delivered: 05/2016
NC-40: Lucrecia vs Laila (scissors domination) is my first custom match with Fight Pulse, but it will certainly not be the last. The match brings to reality what I hoped for with the script. Lucrecia does a great job as she punishes Laila horribly and has a great time doing it. Laila plays the perfect “victim” as well. Both women looked beautiful in their outfits, and I really can’t imagine any aspect of the match that could have done better. I’m looking forward to another scissors oriented match in the near future.

Customer name: Ossam
Custom video(s) ordered: MX-61
Delivered: 02/2016
The custom video was well done, the work was done quickly. The schoolgirl pin was very long and he couldn’t escape. Laila is a very strong woman. The video is very realistic.

Customer name: Raymond
Custom video(s) ordered: MX-53
Delivered: 12/2015
I recently ordered a custom with this company and I have to say the customer service is outstanding. I live in the United States, but the distance from Fight Pulse did not make a difference in how my order was handled. I got exactly what I wanted in the custom for an amazing price, and I am very satisfied with it. I will most definitely do business again.

Customer name: Grem
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-17
Delivered: 11/2015
After roaming the scene for several years, I finally decided to order a custom video. Despite FightPulse being one of the younger companies in the business, their videos and wrestlers convinced me to put my trust in them. I ordered a quite specific and rather unusual setting, in which the male contestant had to go 10 minutes against his female counterpart without tapping out more than 6 times. He however was allowed to reduce the overall time by enduring several scissor holds for as long as possible. Every second he managed to stay in the scissors was subtracted from the 10 minutes, leaving the girl with less time. Of course the girl on the other hand was trying to have as much time as possible to get her 7 submissions. Once this pre-fight was over the male fighter just had to defend and let the time run down, while being able to tap out 6 times and still being considered the winner. The female fighter of course would jump him straight away and simply go on a submission rampage. I had a certain very talented young fighter in mind from the very start, even as I knew, that she was injured at the time I first send the request. So we were using the remaining time of her recovery to exchange thoughts on this set up and clear every question without being in a rush. It was very nice to see, that the producer wanted to be absolutely sure how I imagined the rules of the match, so he could be able to transfer the concept into the video faithfully. In the end the video was actually better than I expected, as the rules, which were new for the FightPulse team were followed as intended and especially by the excellent performance of Akela, who just returned from her break and delivered as if she never was gone. If it is a friendly, responsible and passionate producer, with some very beautiful and talented women you are looking for, FightPulse might be just the one for you.

Customer name: Luiz
Custom video(s) ordered: MX-49, FW-17
Delivered: 10/2015, 09/2015
I have ordered two custom videos from FightPulse and both productions were of excellent quality in terms of wrestling and video production. FightPulse maintained correspondence continuously in order to ensure that video productions were in accordance with the customer’s specifications and expectations. FightPulse also contributed to the videos by advising and ensuring that the production was genuine with regards to the two wrestler’s skills and strengths. The videos were delivered timeously via a simple and efficient download link. The two videos which I ordered were:
1) FEM vs FEM COMPETITIVE wrestling in JUDO GI for pins only
Both videos featured Diana and were of exceptional quality, with “NO FAKE” skilled wrestling with both wrestlers going full out for the win. If you are really interested in REAL Competitive wrestling (FEM Vs FEM) and (FEM Vs MALE) then FightPulse is the Production Company that can deliver and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

Customer name: John
Custom video(s) ordered: NC-06
Delivered: 03/2015
I asked Zweig about the producing a custom mixed wrestling video featuring Diana, incorporating some judo techniques. He responded to me right away, and asked me to supply him with the details. The video was produced within a couple of weeks, and was quite professional, similar in quality to the videos on mixedwrestlingzone. One unexpected bonus was that the running time of the video was longer than the time that I had paid for! I was quite satisfied, and will be ordering from him again. Thanks Zweig!