upcoming video releases

Upcoming releases

Below is a frequently updated schedule of our upcoming releases. We have been releasing two videos per week – typically on Wednesdays and Saturdays – for some time now, and the schedule below follows that pace (we release 3 videos per week now most weeks – May/2016). However, dates of releases might sometimes differ from the ones listed. Rescheduling might also happen, but, hopefully, not often. Sometime in 2016 we are planning to start to shoot more often, which is when the frequency of releases will also increase.

This schedule is also a tool which will help us understand which TYPEs / STYLEs / WRESTLERs you anticipate the most, and hence determine the direction of our future production. For that, please take a moment to vote below, telling us how much you are interested in each particular release. This, of course, does not mean that we will stop experimenting with STYLEs and rulesets in order to bring you the most interesting content that we can.

Note: we have moved the information about past releases to a separate page – Archive of Upcoming Releases (slow load).

NEW: as of 04/2016 you can purchase any of the unreleased videos for $80. Pre-release orders are only available to our existing customers (if you are not registered, providing an email used for past purchases is sufficient). Please be acknowledged that this is an experimental feature and we might cancel it in the near future. As you know, when videos come out, they are usually priced between $13.99 and $15.99. The reason for higher price for upcoming titles is that we have to devote extra time to editing and preparing a video that we are not planning to publicly sell yet, as well as the fact that these orders will be handled manually, as opposed to normal orders being handled automatically by the store system. If you would like to order any of the unreleased videos please contact us through the contact form, choosing the subject line “Pre-release order” and indicating the title and expected date of the video you would like to purchase in the text of your message. We will then send you a custom payment link. The video will be delivered to you (via a private download link) within 24 hours after payment.

UPDATE: as of 07/2016 we have truncated the list to 16 entries. This was done due to several appropriate complaints that the list is too long, and interest fades with long waiting times. This means that list will be updated after each release, information about one released video being moved to the archive, as usual, and info about one new upcoming match added to the bottom of this list (16th release).

Upcoming titles:

Last updated with new upcoming release info: 24/Jan/2017

Title: MX Tia vs Luke Release date: 18/Mar/2017
Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling Rules: Pins & Submissions
Our next release with Tia features her in a competitive mixed wrestling match against a newcomer, Luke, who is a middleweight.
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Fight Pulse will take the usual 2-week spring break at this point. Next release will be up on 01/Apr (not a joke).