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We are a European producer of mixed wrestling and female wrestling videos. Our products feature competitive pindown and submission wrestling action between both skilled and amateur wrestlers, as well as domination fights. Even though there is no nudity in our matches, the content we produce is for adult audience because of its fetishistic nature, as it involves elements of dominance and submission, a form of power play through wrestling & grappling. This is also made clear by the fact that almost all of our wrestling matches end with the victorious wrestler posing for the camera / audience over their defeated opponent. Thus, if you are under 18 years old, or if you find this type of content offensive, we ask you to proceed no further and leave the website.

Mixed wrestling refers to wrestling activity between a man and a woman. Another term for it is intergender wrestling. However, while intergender wrestling mostly refers to the battle of the sexes in a professional wrestling arena, mixed wrestling has historically been used to describe apartment wrestling matches, often, although not always, with erotic undertones. Nowadays mixed wrestling defines a fetishistic activity – a wrestling match between sexes most often with elements of female domination and male submission. If you would like to learn more about mixed wrestling and its history, consider reading our What is Mixed Wrestling? article.

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Non-competitive wrestling

NC-71: Tia vs Luke

Type: Semi-competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Pins & Submissions
Description: ...NC-71 is one of our best one-sided mixed wrestling matches, thanks to Tia's exceptional wrestling & domination skills. She wipes the mats with Luke, subjecting him to pain in almost every single hold. The variation of holds Tia puts Luke in is possibly the biggest among all of our matches... Full description & preview pics →
Video (30 minutes): $14.99
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Photoset (321 photos): $6.99
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Non-competitive wrestling

NC-70: Giselle vs Marek

Type: Non-competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Onslaught
Description: ...Giselle, a natural humiliatrix, is after the soul of yet another male in this no-rounds onslaught-style release. Fans of female domination in mixed wrestling will be delighted to find out that NC-70 includes some of the best verbal humiliation we've shot to date, as well as lengthy foot domination, a lot of tight sgpins, as well as... Full description & preview pics →
Video (20 minutes): $13.99
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Photoset (160 photos): $5.99
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Mixed wrestling

MX-82: Diana vs Andreas

Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Pins & Submissions
Description: ...Due to a misunderstanding, as Andreas claimed after the post-match interviews, NC-69 was not a fully competitive mixed wrestling match. We simply had to shoot a competitive match between the two wrestlers, Diana and Andreas, to find out whether the outcome would be any different, the same day... Full description & preview pics →
Video (25 minutes): $14.99
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Photoset (237 photos): $4.99
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Non-competitive wrestling

NC-67: Revana vs Jane (scissors domination)

Type: Non-competitive Female Wrestling
Rules: Scissors Only
Description: ...In a match to determine who has the stronger legs, Jane completely manhandles her opponent between her powerful dancer legs, making Revana cry out "I submit" again and again, round after round, sometimes not letting go until she's heard it multiple times... Full description & preview pics →
Video (25 minutes): $13.99
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Photoset (323 photos): $6.99
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