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We are the world's premier producer of mixed wrestling and female wrestling videos. Our products feature competitive pindown and submission wrestling action between both skilled and amateur wrestlers, as well as domination fights. Even though there is no nudity in our matches, the content we produce is for adult audience because of its fetishistic nature, as it involves elements of dominance and submission, a form of power play through wrestling & grappling. This is also made clear by the fact that almost all of our wrestling matches end with the victorious wrestler posing for the camera / audience over their defeated opponent. Thus, if you are under 18 years old, or if you find this type of content offensive, we ask you to proceed no further and leave the website.

Fight Pulse Live Event - "Reunion"

Dear Fans, based on the success of the first one and popular demand, on the weekend of 23-24 May we will host our second live event! You will meet and hang out with Fight Pulse wrestlers as well as many guests, watch fights live and session with your favorite wrestlers in private spaces!
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Mixed wrestling refers to wrestling activity between a man and a woman. Another term for it is intergender wrestling. However, while intergender wrestling mostly refers to the battle of the sexes in a professional wrestling arena, mixed wrestling has historically been used to describe more private wrestling matches, often, although not always, with erotic undertones. Nowadays mixed wrestling defines a fetishistic activity – a wrestling match between sexes most often with elements of female domination and male submission. If you would like to learn more about mixed wrestling and its history, consider reading our What is Mixed Wrestling? article.

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Non-competitive wrestling

NC-194: Rage vs Karel

Type: Non-competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Onslaught
Description: ...The 26-year old phenom subjects the 45-year old man to brutal, tight, crushing pins and chokes, long, cruel headscissor torture, heavy facesit smothering, vicious foot chokes and foot domination, forcing multiple submissions each prolonged hold in true onslaught-style!.. Full description & preview pics →
Video (19 minutes): $13.99
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Photoset (354 photos): $4.99
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Mixed wrestling

MX-190: Sheena vs Luke (domination rules)

Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Pins & Submissions
Description: ...MX-190 features an absolute, undeniable physical dominance of a female athlete over an average guy who is trying his best to fight back via forced facesit smothering and brutal foot chokes, all in a competitive setting! If you are a fan of powerful, skilled women controlling and dominating weaker men in real combat, you're in for a treat... Full description & preview pics →
Video (28 minutes): $14.99
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Photoset (471 photos): $5.99
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Mixed wrestling

MX-189: Tag Team Match – Black Venus & Sasha vs Andreas & Luke

Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Pins & Submissions (Tag-Team)
Description: ...MX-189 is our first ever attempt at a competitive, mixed, tag-team match, and features Black Venus and Sasha against the team of Andreas and Luke in a unique mixed wrestling extravaganza, a must-watch for all Fight Pulse fans!.. Full description & preview pics →
Video (43 minutes): $15.99
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Photoset (615 photos): $6.99
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