Frequently updated list of Fight Pulse best selling videos

Our Bestsellers

Below you will find our frequently updated bestseller lists – for the last 3 months, and for all time.

5 best-selling titles of the last 3 months:

This list is based solely on the sales at
Last updated: 17/Mar/2019 (updated weekly)

# Title Release date
1 FW-112: Zoe vs Rage February 12, 2019
2 NC-147: Lia Labowe vs Marek January 22, 2019
3 FW-110: Rage vs Ali January 26, 2019
4 MX-132: Lia Labowe vs Frank January 1, 2019
5 NC-155: Lia Labowe vs Viktor February 23, 2019

10 best-selling titles of all time:

This is a universal list based on all our sales, including those on our original clips4sale store
Last updated: 28/Feb/2019 (updated monthly)

# Title Release date Change
1 MX-86: Tia vs Andreas May 4, 2017
2 NC-122: Zoe vs Andreas (immobilization onslaught) April 18, 2018
3 MX-125: Tia vs Peter October 6, 2018
4 FW-67: Zoe vs Foxy (“Facesit Indulgence”) August 23, 2017
5 NC-53: Akela vs Frank December 24, 2016
6 NC-103: Jenni Czech vs Viktor (“Mistress vs slave”) September 24, 2017 1
7 MX-79: Tia vs Steve February 11, 2017 1
8 NC-23: Jenni Czech dominates her new student April 10, 2016
9 NC-44: Zoe vs Frank October 15, 2016
10 MX-15: VeVe Lane vs Marek – bondage wrestling October 17, 2014

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Profile photo of mwd77
6 months 24 days ago

Thanks for posting this information. It is nice to be able to see the all-time best selling videos as well as the best selling recent videos. I have already purchased some of the matches on this list and definitely enjoyed them! And I look forward to watching more of them and seeing new videos making the lists in the future too.