Frequently updated list of Fight Pulse best selling videos

Our Bestsellers

Below you will find our frequently updated bestseller lists – for the last 3 months, and for all time.

5 best-selling titles of the last 3 months:

This list is based solely on the sales at
Last updated: 19/May/2024 (updated weekly)

20 best-selling titles of all time:

This is a universal list based on all our sales, including those on our original clips4sale store
Last updated: 31/Dec/2023 (updated biannually)

News (31/Dec/2023): This is a full-year update. Our latest short film, SF-03 Metamorphosis, which proved to be popular, and Sheena (stats)’s masterpiece, MX-202 Sheena vs Andreas (onslaught), have entered the picture, moving FW-67 Zoe vs Foxy (Facesit Indulgence) and MX-190 Sheena vs Luke (domination rules) outside of the top 10. Speaking of which, now that we are getting close to 700 releases, it is time to increase the list to 20.

# Title Release date Change
1 NC-122: Zoe vs Andreas (immobilization onslaught) 2018, April 18th
2 FW-112: Zoe vs Rage 2019, February 12th
3 MX-225: Bianca vs Christian (onslaught) 2021, March 17th
4 MX-125: Tia vs Peter 2018, October 6th
5 MX-86: Tia vs Andreas 2017, May 4h 1
6 FW-110: Rage vs Ali 2019, January 26th 1
7 SF-03: Metamorphosis 2022, June 11th NEW
8 MX-181: Sheena vs Peter (onslaught) 2020, January 7th 1
9 MX-202: Sheena vs Andreas (onslaught) 2020, May 2nd NEW
10 NC-147: Lia Labowe vs Marek 2019, January 22nd
11 NC-214 Zoe vs Laila (onslaught) 2021, May 25th NEW
12 MX-190: Sheena vs Luke (domination rules) 2020, February 11th 3
13 MX-209: Rage vs Renato (onslaught) 2020, July 6th NEW
14 FW-67: Zoe vs Foxy (“Facesit Indulgence”) 2017, August 23rd 6
15 MX-202: Zoe vs Luke II (bondage wrestling) 2020, July 12th NEW
16 MX-224: Rage vs Michael (humiliation finish) 2021, February 5th NEW
17 NC-212: Pamela vs Rage 2020, December 20th NEW
18 NC-53: Akela vs Frank 2016, December 24th 1
19 NC-145: Akela’s Lethal Legs III 2019, January 10th NEW
20 FW-154: Bianca vs Sasha (onslaught) 2020, June 13th NEW

History of the best-selling videos:

This is a list of all videos that were at one point the #1 best-selling video of all-time, and how long they held the spot for:

Title Period Duration
MX-02: Tia vs Sunny Sep/2013 – Aug/2014 12
MX-04: Viktoria vs David 2 (domination rules) Sep/2014 – Sep/2015 13
MX-15: VeVe Lane vs Marek (bondage wrestling) Oct/2015 – Jul/2017 22
MX-86: Tia vs Andreas Aug/2017 – Aug/2019 25
FW-112: Zoe vs Rage Nov/2021 – May/2022
NC-122: Zoe vs Andreas (immobilization onslaught) Sep/2019 – Oct/2021
Aug/2022 – now

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Profile photo of mwd77
5 years 9 months ago

Thanks for posting this information. It is nice to be able to see the all-time best selling videos as well as the best selling recent videos. I have already purchased some of the matches on this list and definitely enjoyed them! And I look forward to watching more of them and seeing new videos making the lists in the future too.