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We have long since been thinking about presenting to our visitors more information about Fight Pulse in an FAQ format. Below, you can find answers to questions we frequently receive from our fans and customers, along with additional information that you might find useful.

0. How do I buy, download and watch Fight Pulse videos / photosets?
1. What is mixed wrestling?
2. What are the rules of wrestling matches at Fight Pulse?
3. What do product abbreviations MX, FW, NC & HH stand for? What else should I know about the categorization of the matches?
4. Do you make custom videos and how much do they cost?
5. How can I make a match happen besides ordering a custom? What benefits do I get if I sponsor a match?
6. Can I book a private wrestling session with my favorite Fight Pulse wrestler?
7. Do I have to sign up in order to purchase videos?
8. What will my credit card statement say in regards to a purchase on Fight Pulse?
9. Do I pay taxes on top of shown video prices?

0. How do I buy, download and watch Fight Pulse videos / photosets?

In order to buy a Fight Pulse video or photoset, you need to add all the items you want to purchase to your cart, proceed to checkout, fill out the checkout fields (registered and logged-in members have the fields automatically filled in), then proceed to our payment gateway page (CCBill or Epoch) and input your credit card information (or PayPal credentials if you’re using Epoch). Once you submit the payment form and if the payment is successful you will be redirected back to Fight Pulse where you will find the download link(s) to your purchased video(s) and photoset(s). An order completion email including these download links will be automatically sent to the email address you provided during the checkout (or to the one registered with your Fight Pulse account if you are logged in). We recommend registering an account on Fight Pulse before making your first purchase, since that way you will always have access to your previous orders, and see the download links on your customer account page.

Please make sure you have enough space for the video on your computer / device before purchase. The HD videos usually weigh between 1 and 2 GB. Full HD versions of the videos can weigh up to 4-5 GB, if that is version you are looking to download. The photosets weigh around 200 MB. All of this information can be found in product descriptions.

Now that you have access to the download links, you should be able to download the files without a problem onto your computer. However, please be aware that there is a time limit (3 to 5 days), as well a limit to the amount of connections to the file / download attempts you can make per file. For newer bigger files it is 40, for older releases it is 15 attempts. On some occasions you might experience low download speed, or interrupted downloads. Here’s what you need to consider to download faster / more reliably:
– using a different device / browser for your download
– turning off any proxies that you might be connected through
– restarting your computer / device
– using a better Internet connection, if available
– do not use a download accelerator, as your connection attempts are limited, and this can stall or interrupt the download depending on the settings of the accelerator
If you run out of download attempts, please contact us using the contact form, and we will reactivate the file for you. Such emails are of high priority to us and we will usually respond within 2-3 hours during the day, and in 12 hours the latest. If the download for some reason keeps failing after that, we will upload the file to our dropbox account for you. If you have purchased a video or a photoset, please be assured that we will find a way to deliver it to you.
Please bear in mind that our videos are for download only, not streaming, due to their size. You will run out of connection attempts if you try to stream them on your mobile device.

Our videos are encoded using MPEG-4 AVC codec, also called H.264. File extension is .mp4. This is the most widely used format for videos currently, and most modern players on PC or Mac open them without a problem. If you don’t have a media player, here are two good free players that you can download, both of which play our files: Media Player Classic and VLC Media Player. Our video files are usually big (over 1 GB) and are intended to be viewed on a desktop computer or a laptop. If you are considering downloading a purchased video onto a smartphone or a tablet, please first check with the device manual or search online to see if downloading and playing large files on your device is possible, as well as make sure you have enough space. Some modern mobile devices support storage and flawless playback of such videos, while others don’t.
The photosets come in .zip files. These are slightly compressed archives that contain hundreds of photos. In order to extract photos from an archive, you would need a utility such as 7-zip (recommended, free), WinZip or WinRar. Once you have the utility, you just need to open our downloaded .zip file with it and extract it to your specified location, after which you can view the photos with any image viewer.

1. What is mixed wrestling

Mixed wrestling refers to wrestling activity between a man and a woman. Another term for it is intergender wrestling. However, while intergender wrestling mostly refers to the battle of the sexes in a professional wrestling arena, mixed wrestling has historically been used to describe apartment wrestling matches, mostly, although not always, with erotic undertones. Nowadays mixed wrestling defines a fetishistic activity – a wrestling match between sexes most often with elements of female domination and male submission.

We have recently published an article evaluating the subject term from historical perspective titled What is mixed wrestling? (a brief history). It is a result of a collaboration of three fans of mixed wrestling, one of whom, who was the main author, quit on the project some time ago. At the moment we are looking for a person that would be able to complete it. If you feel like you can tackle the task, please contact us.

2. What are the rules of wrestling matches at Fight Pulse?

There are many different subsets of rules and various styles of wrestling matches that we film which will be discussed in the next answer. However, most of our videos feature classic submission wrestling with emphasis on pins and scissor holds. Our rules are similar to those of Festelle and DWW wrestling matches. We do not allow armbars, leglocks and other joint manipulation submissions, as well as rear-naked chokes. Any of the mentioned holds can be used for control purposes or as a transitioning hold, but never for attaining a submission. That being said we do make exceptions from time to time. You can browse our entire catalogue by each hold at our ever-expanding Browse Videos page. Holds used in each video are included as tags in the release, which makes it possible to see a list of all videos that include your favorite hold.

First and foremost the rules are there to protect the wrestlers. For us, the safety and well-being of the wrestlers is top priority. We closely referee each match, and sometimes you can even hear us giving instructions during a match in order to help avoid an injury, or stepping in physically where it is necessary. That takes place because there is no sanctioning involved and we do not use the services of professional referees. Some of the wrestlers are amateurs to combat, and their matches could result in major injuries, if we didn’t monitor it closely. Such monitoring is necessary because we shoot real competitive wrestling. There is no staging involved in MX and FW series. You can rarely find the intensity of action that you find in Fight Pulse mixed wrestling videos anywhere else. We are proud of it. But at the same time it makes our wrestlers injury-prone, and that’s why we need strict rules and close refereeing.

Here are general rules of Fight Pulse matches:

– Opponents always start from their knees. Standing up during the match is prohibited.
– A round is over when a point is gained
– A point can be gained by either pinning the opponent’s shoulders down to the count of 10, or making him / her submit by tapping with his hand / foot, or submit verbally
– The wrestler with more points that her / his opponent at the end of a set period of time wins the match and performs a victory pose
– Usually matches are set to last between 15 and 20 minutes, although there have been matches that lasted longer
– The following holds or actions are prohibited: armbar, leglock, any joint manipulation, rear-naked choke, any choke with arm against trachea, body slam, finger twisting, toe grabbing, any striking (punching, kicking, headbutting), pinching, scratching, tickling, hairpulling

3. What do product abbreviations MX, FW, NC & HH stand for? What does “competitive” mean? More about categorization.

If you are a frequent visitor to Fight Pulse, you might already know that we pay close attention to categorizing our titles properly. This is done in order to make our catalog easily browsable. Two main factors of categorization are TYPE of match and STYLE of match. You can browse them easily through our Browse Videos page.

The two-letter abbreviations before each title denote the TYPE of match. See the following table of types and their definitions:
MX – competitive mixed wrestling match
FW – competitive female wrestling match
NC – non-competitive / staged / semi-competitive matches
HH – head-to-head physical feat comparison videos

The word competitive denotes a match where both wrestlers try their best to win, in other words, a real match. Since we often feature mismatches in order to get a one-sided match, it comes down to “losing party trying their best”. All matches labeled MX and FW are competitive in that sense.

The word non-competitive denotes a match where one or sometimes both of the wrestlers do not try their best to win. Non-competitive matches, if not labeled as semi-competitive, are often scripted / staged encounters. All matches labeled NC are non-competitive.

Whether a match is competitive or not has nothing to do with the relative skill level of opponents, and basically only defines whether it is a real match or not.

We at Fight Pulse love experimenting with rules and different elements of matches. Head-to-head comparison format listed as one of the 4 main TYPEs above is a result of such experimentation. H2H is a concept developed by Fight Pulse of a contest between two individuals that would ideally determine who pound-for-pound the better athlete is in the context of wrestling and related disciplines. You can read more about H2H in our first relevant release – HH-01: Lucrecia vs Katniss.

This experimenting with sets of rules have resulted in many STYLES of matches. Here are some styles that we have come up with:
– Domination rules: only facesitting / foot on face / foot choke pins & submissions are allowed and counted towards the score.
– Headscissor-only rules: a point can be gained only by submitting one’s opponent via headscissors
– Facesit-only rules: a point can be attained only by facesitting the opponent until the count of 10 or until a smother-submission is achieved
– Smother rules: one can only score via smothering submissions – facesitting, breast smothering, belly smothering, armpit smothering, or any other hold that would cut off the opponent’s breath
– Schoolgirl pin challenges: wrestlers take turn trying to pin each others’ shoulders down for 10 seconds within a 1-minute timeframe designated for each pin type; each wrestler gets 9 attempts with 9 different pin types, which results in a total of 18 pin attempts; the individual with more successful pins wins the challenge

You can find a complete browsable list of styles on our Browse Videos catalog page.

All such browsing is possible thanks to our tagging system. Each titles is tagged with appropriate type and style. Besides those described, there are also tags to identify wrestlers (both female and male), holds used, and outfit worn, all of which can be accessed and browsed through our aforementioned catalog page.

4. Do you make custom videos and how much does it cost?

Yes, we make custom videos. You can read testimonials from our customers that have ordered custom videos from us in the past on this page.

If we retain the copyright of the produced video and later sell it on our website (standard package), our standard price for a 15 minute custom mixed wrestling video is $250, and F/F video – $300. The price might vary depending on the difficulty of the script, if there is one, and whether certain outfits are needed. However, if you would like the video privately for yourself, without us selling it later (price package), the price will be $250 higher than the standard rate. If you would like to distribute the product commercially (resell package), please contact us for the quote.

A custom video is usually filmed within 2 to 4 weeks after receiving the payment. You will be informed about the estimated time the video will be delivered to you during our communication.

Here are the benefits of putting a custom video order with Fight Pulse:
– You receive the video before anyone sees it
– You receive the full photoset of the match as a complementary gift
– You are thanked in the credits of the video, if you choose to
– You get a 25% discount coupon to use at Fight Pulse for a period of 30 days (for video downloads, photosets and DVD purchases only)
– You get an invitation to come and watch the taping of the match

We at Fight Pulse always try to bring you the best product that we can, commissioned or not. By ordering a custom video with us you are helping us stay in the business and grow as a company. We always try to do our best in order to satisfy our customers, so don’t hesitate to give us an opportunity to bring your fantasy to life.

5. How can I make a match happen besides ordering a custom? What benefits do I get if I sponsor a match?

If you would like to see a certain match take place, you might consider sponsoring it. The basic sponsorship package costs $200 for both f/m and f/f matches. There are two main differences between a custom request and a sponsorship. First difference is that we do not accept scripts for sponsored matches. The match has to be in one of the styles listed on the catalog page. And second, it has to be an interesting match-up for us as well. Hence, we reserve the right to refuse a sponsorship offer, in which case the customer will be advised to make a custom request in order to make his dream match happen.

Here are the benefits of sponsorship:
– You receive the video before anyone sees it
– You are thanked in the credits of the video, if you choose to
– You get a 20% discount coupon to use at Fight Pulse for a period of 30 days (for video downloads, photosets and DVD purchases only)
– You get an invitation to come and watch the taping of the match

Fight Pulse is one of the few producers on the market that makes real competitive wrestling matches. By sponsoring a video you help us sustain our business.

6. Can I book a private wrestling session with my favorite Fight Pulse wrestler?

If a wrestler offers private sessions, her email address will be listed on their profile page. Please contact the wrestlers directly, as we do not organize sessions.

7. Do I have to sign up (free) in order to purchase videos?

No. You can make purchases as a guest. When such a purchase is complete, you will be redirected to a page that has the download link(s) for your purchase. This information will also be emailed to you, including the download link. However, we recommend that you register, which is completely free and a one-step process. Registered users have access to order history, purchased download links and other options on the Customer Account page. You can register here: REGISTER.

8. What will my credit card statement say in regards to a purchase on Fight Pulse?

On your cardholder statement a purchase from Fight Pulse will appear as a purchase from “ *Alternative E” if you paid via CCBill, and “EPOCH.COM *alternativ” if you paid via Epoch. Alternative E stands for the company that operates Fight Pulse, Alternative Entertainment s.r.o.

9. Do I pay taxes on top of shown video prices?

The prices shown on this website are final prices that you will pay during purchase, regardless of your location. However, if you are a resident of European Union, we will pay VAT from your purchase. Hence, for EU residents, the VAT is already included in the final price, which stays the same.

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