Jennifer Thomas will visit Fight Pulse!

Dear Fans, we are excited to announce that Jennifer Thomas will visit Fight Pulse on the weekend of 21-22/April!

If you are not completely new to the scene, you know Jennifer Thomas already. She is the person behind, a free resource that is integral to the functioning of today’s session scene. She is the frontwoman of the underground wrestling scene, who has done a lot for its advancement – it would take a separate article to list all that Jennifer has done, but for a start check out her interviews with various new and established session wrestlers on her YouTube channel.

If that wasn’t enough, Jennifer Thomas is a true bad-ass! She is a pro-wrestler, a former body-builder, a crafty grappler, ridiculously powerful and absolutely gorgeous! Last but not least, she genuinely loves mixed wrestling and physical combat.

In case you haven’t watched this interview with Jennifer yet, watch it. It is one of the most viewed mixed wrestling related videos on the Internet with about half a million views across various websites – on the YouTube original, multiple uploads on various tube sites, vk, and a number of forums.

Jennifer Thomas lives in the United States, so it’s not often that you will have a chance to see her in Europe. So, don’t miss it! To book a session, please write to Jennifer directly at . To order a custom video featuring Jennifer, please contact us through the contact form.

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Profile photo of Jimmy A
4 years 3 months ago

Jennifer is one of the most gorgeous ladies in the world. She is pound for pound one of the strongest and by far one of the most talented female wrestlers in the business. She is #1 on my bucket list to wrestle.