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Recent news and site updates

Dear subscribers, in this blog update I would like to tell you about recent news concerning Fight Pulse shoots and personnel.

First, if you missed our promotional posts on various resources, two promising wrestlers have recently joined Fight Pulse – Laila and Anika. Check out their profiles by clicking on their names. We have already started releasing videos with them.

Second, we have started developing some sections of our website:
– check out our new (still incomplete) FAQ page
– a new article has been published about mixed wrestling – What is Mixed Wrestling? (a brief history)
– girls roster has been cut down to thumbnails and profiles have been moved to individual pages
– this blog section has been separated from the releases, and this is where we will post new information from time to time
– a brand new Head-to-head TYPE of matches have been added to the categorization system; you can read more about H2H in our first relevant release – HH-01: Lucrecia vs Katniss

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