NC-49: Revana vs Andreas

In this custom-request scripted mixed wrestling encounter Revana (stats) is pitted against Andreas (stats) whom she conquers in a very dominant fashion, using humiliating holds and pins.

NC-49 features Revana in her most dominant performance to date. She scores a total of 20 points in 22 minutes of action until Andreas is laying prostrate on his back and can no longer fight back. The pins in this video are among the most humiliating holds – front and reverse facesits, tight schoolgirl pins and foot domination holds. Check out the taglist below for a full list of holds used by Revana. Not only does she dominate Andreas physically, but she also degrades him verbally, questioning his manhood throughout the video. NC-49 ends with an extended victory pose segment that includes Revana sitting on her victim’s belly and resting her feet on his face, followed by a tight schoolgirl pin, then foon-on-chest, foot-on-face standing victory poses. The video ends with Revana seated on her defeated opponent sideways, texting on her phone.

There are two interviews at the end of this video, first of which is done with Revana still atop Andreas’s chest.

If you like one-sided mixed wrestling matches with humiliating pins and victory poses, you will enjoy this title!

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Match outline: staredown, the match itself (22 minutes), long victory pose segment (foot on chest, then foot on face, then tight sgpin, then belly-sitting resting feet on face, then sideways chest-sitting), final interviews (2x).

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