Jennifer Thomas at Fight Pulse

Jennifer Thomas was here!

Dear Subscribers, as many of you already know, Jennifer Thomas visited Fight Pulse last weekend. We announced her visit earlier this year in this blog post.

JenniferThomasInPrague JenniferThomasInPrague2WithLucrecia

She needs no introduction. But if you are new to the scene, or not familiar with her, Jennifer is an intelligent, strong, gorgeous pro-wrestler and session wrestler from Los Angeles, United States. In 2010 she founded SessionGirls, a directory of session wrestlers, a website that is instrumental to the functioning of the session scene today. Jennifer’s input to the scene cannot be overstated. Over the years she has done many interviews promoting session wrestlers, the videos of which are available on her YouTube channel. Jennifer is the frontwoman of the underground wrestling scene, a person who finds true joy in what she does – she has been a member of the mixed wrestling forum from its start, being one of the very few women who actively participate in the community. A story that she wrote last year about a real-life event, Beverly Hills Tapout, won a post of the year award at the forum, for the most appreciated illustrated story of 2017.

On the mats Jennifer Thomas is fierce, determined, and loves to show her power. Her headlocks in particular are absolutely devastating! We filmed 6 videos with Jennifer, and are excited to release them! They will be added to the upcoming release schedule next week. Here are some photos from the shoot:

It was a privilege and a blast to work with Jennifer Thomas! She is professional, attentive and truly loves to wrestle. The next day after the shoots, on Monday, we strolled through a park and recorded an interview with Jennifer. Here it is:

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5 years 16 days ago

I was very happy to hear that you got Jennifer Thomas to come to Fight Pulse! I did a private wrestling session with her, years ago, and had a great time with her! I was very impressed with how strong she was, given how small she is. But I also liked how friendly she was, before, during, and after my session with her, as well as how accommodating she was with the kind of session I wanted. She definitely delivered on what I asked for and is such a nice, sweet person as well. She was very strong back then… Read more »