NC-58: Anny vs Marek

In her first ever mixed wrestling match, Andreas’s sister, Anny (stats), is pitted against Marek (stats).

What starts off as a difficult battle of the sexes slowly becomes one-sided by round 4, as Anny is getting comfortable on the mat. Wrestling holds used include front and reverse schoolgirl pins, headscissor holds and facesitting submissions, among others.

The victory pose sequence at the end of the video is remarkable. After Marek concedes the battle unable to continue due to exhaustion, Anny brings the ropes and ties up his wrists. Then she stands over him and plants her foot on his face, after which Anny straddles his face in both front and reverse facesit positions.

If you are fan of non-competitive one-sided mixed wrestling, you will enjoy NC-58.

Match outline: the match itself (19 minutes), tying of wrists, long victory pose (foot on face, front and reverse facesitting), short interview with Anny.

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