200th release! (blooper reel)

Dear Fight Pulse Fans and Subscribers,

I’m excited to say that on January 23rd, with NC-59, we have released our 200th title!

The 200th release was made almost exactly a year after the 100th release. And what a fascinating year 2016 was! Over the last one year we were lucky enough to recruit 11 ladiesGiselle, Pink Rose, Calypso, Mia, Chrissy Fox, Anny, Daisy Lee, Paola, Barbara, Sasha and Miesha (profile coming soon), – and 5 gentlemen – Andreas, Frank, Fernando, Vargas and Luke, – all of whom have contributed to Fight Pulse a great deal since. We were also very fortunate to be able to work with 8 renown wrestlers last year – VeVe Lane (February, for the second time) Jenni Czech (March), who has become a Fight Pulse team-member since then, Axa Jay (April), Amethyst Hammerfist (May), Sky Storm (May), Karina Gotika (July, for the second time), Viktoria (November, for the third time), and Tia (January).

4 of the 100 releases of the previous year made it to the list of top 10 best-sellers – Jenni Czech’s debut in NC-23, Zoe’s first competitive mixed wrestling match in MX-69, and Akela and Zoe’s first onslaught-style domination matches, NC-53 and NC-44 respectively.

All of this was only possible because of YOU, dear Customers and Fans! Thank you very much for your love and trust and support! This is what keeps us going, and keeps us going strong!

And now, the customary blooper reel from the shoots of the last 12 months:

Here’s a download link to the higher-quality version of the video: FightPulse-200th-Release-Blooper-Reel.mp4 (right-click -> save file as)

You can view the blooper reel of the first 100 releases (2014-2015) in this blog post.

In conclusion, I would like to share with you some photos of us, together, last year:

and from our small party held last Sunday in celebration of the 200th release:

Take care, dear Fans! And, certainly, see you at 300!


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Profile photo of wrestpet
4 years 9 months ago

congratz on 200th and thanks for the blooper reel. who is that girl u put against tia?

Profile photo of mwd77
3 years 11 months ago

Awesome video and photo collection! It’s nice to see some funny behind the scenes stuff, that goes into making the videos. Keep up the great work all and congrats!

PS. The Benny Hill music is a great addition! Please be sure to keep that in the future blooper videos as well.