Incoming session wrestlers – 2017

Dear Fans and Subscribers,

We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with the following session wrestlers to visit Fight Pulse this year! If you would like to order a custom video with any of the listed wrestlers, reach us through the contact form (few slots left). If you would like to book a session with these ladies in our studio, please contact them directly.


Date: Tia canceled her trip due to unforeseen circumstances

The Hungarian Amazon, Tia (stats), visited Fight Pulse in January for the first time, a recount of which you can read in this blog post. She will visit us again at the end of next week.

Axa Jay

Date: 10/Sep

The fabulous Queen of UK session scene, Axa Jay (stats), visited us for the first time in April, 2016, an account of which you can read in this blog post. She will grant us the pleasure of filming her again this fall.

Maria Queen

Date: Maria canceled her trip due to personal matters

Despite being relatively new to sessioning, Maria already has a huge fanbase, and is quickly becoming one of the more popular session wrestlers in USA. This petite feminine Brazilian lady is tough as nails, a high-level jit-jitsu practitioner, and can defeat most people on the wrestling mats regardless of their size.


Date: 11-12/Nov

Venom, the toughest girl in UK, is rightfully considered one of the top 3 session wrestlers of our scene, undefeated in the last few years despite fighting the best. Many who’ve met her talk about how kind she is, and yet her body is a deadly weapon. We are delighted that Venom has accepted our invitation to visit Fight Pulse, and can’t wait to meet and work with her!

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