Axa Jay in Prague

Axa Jay was here!

Dear Subscribers, many of you might already know that popular UK session wrestler Axa Jay visited Fight Pulse last week. We had the pleasure to work with the beautiful amazon for two days making six videos on 19-20/April. Two of them are competitive mixed, one is an onslaught-type domination match, two are competitive judo-gi pins-only matches (like FW-17 and MX-49), and the last one is a competitive F/F match. All the matches except the judo-gi pins-only matches were within the Fight Pulse ruleset.

What an amazing wrestler, what a talented model Axa is to work with! As soon as you see her in action it is clear why she is among the most popular wrestlers of the scene – not only is Axa extremely strong and very skilled at the art of submission wrestling, but she is also a very talented domination wrestler, understanding the game extremely well. To put it shortly, Axa Jay is a gift to producers and sessioners alike. We are certainly looking forward to her future visits to Fight Pulse. And so will you, we promise, after you see some of the described matches.

The matches we produced during the two days are of exceptional quality. Look out for the two competitive mixed wrestling matches where Axa demolishes her opponents, who are caught by surprise by her strength, speed and skills, as they crumble under her. Amazing unexpected scissor holds, creative pins, extremely competitive but often one-sided action ending with beautiful facesit and foot-on-face victory poses – the matches have it all!

We are so enthusiastic about these releases that we decided to incorporate some of them into the existing schedule. Please check Upcoming Releases page for updated information, and to cast your votes in the relevant anticipation polls. The first release featuring Axa Jay is scheduled for 21/May.

Following are brief descriptions of the seven matches we filmed during our 19-20/April shoot, six of them with the fabulous Axa Jay.

Axa Jay vs Andreas

To be released: 21/May/2016
Note: this match has already been released – MX-63: Axa Jay vs Andreas

This started as a competitive domination-rules match. Within the first 10 minutes, despite being in absolute control, Axa Jay was not able to keep her foot on Andreas’s face or facesit him to the count of 10, getting frustrated all the while. After 10 minutes the rules were switched to normal Fight Pulse rules, which made Axa happy, since now she could use a wider range of pins and submissions. During the rule-change Andreas said that he is now hoping to score too. Strangely, Andreas could not feel the skill difference within the first 10 minutes, or he was too busy being defensive and avoiding Axa’s butt and feet to even pay attention to the obvious skill and strength gap between him and his female opponent. The next submission came in a flash, as Andreas tapped in surprise, feeling the squeeze on his ribs. Needless to say, Andreas kept tapping and tapping for the next 15 minutes. Beautiful scissor submissions, a facesit, breast-smothering submission, pindowns – this video has it all. A beautiful display of wrestling clinic by the superior wrestler. Andreas was surprised to find out how little he can do against Axa in a normal pins & submissions rules match. This one-sided match ends with a beautiful facesit victory pose followed by a foot-on-face pose.

Axa Jay dominates Marek (onslaught)

To be released: 30/May/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-28: Axa Jay asserts Her dominance

Marek doesn’t know what hit him as his torturer puts on the squeeze and chokes and crushes him under her weight. Long humiliating foot domination, painful real scissor domination, neck-straddle choking, facesitting – Axa puts her victim through agony and humiliation for 25+ minutes. A magnificent onslaught by one of the best domination-wrestlers of the scene.

Axa Jay vs Xena (judo-gi pins only match)

To be released: 11/Jul/2016
Note: this match has already been released – FW-41: Axa Jay vs Xena – pins only

In this pins-only match Axa Jay is pitted against Xena (stats), both wearing judo-gis. The rules are identical to our previous judo-gi pins-only matches, FW-17 and MX-49. This video includes beautiful long and tight front and reverse schoolgirl pins, as well as cross-body pins.

Axa Jay vs Jane

To be released: 27/Jul/2016
Note: this match has already been released – FW-45: Axa Jay vs Jane

A competitive pins & submissions match between Axa Jay and Fight Pulse’s #3 ranked lightweight wrestler, Jane (stats).

Axa Jay vs Andreas (judo-gi pins only match)

To be released: 06/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – MX-67: Axa Jay vs Andreas 2 – pins only

A mixed pins-only match in judo-gis, in the same style as Axa’s previously described match against Xena, as well as two of our previously released titles featuring Diana.

Axa Jay vs Fernando

To be released: 17/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – MX-68: Axa Jay vs Fernando

An amazing competitive mixed wrestling match between Axa Jay and strong young Fernando. Despite Fernando’s best effort he gets dominated by his female opponent. This match contains a staggering amount of points scored by the victorious wrestler. Holds include tight schoolgirl pins, real facesit submission, breast-smothering, bodyscissors, headscissors and more. A beautiful mixed wrestling match for fans of one-sided encounters.

Jane vs Fernando (ETH)

To be released: 10/Aug/2016
Note: this match has already been released – NC-34: Jane vs Fernando – escape challenge #1

With this title we will introduce a new TYPE – Escape This Hold. It consists of a list of 10 immobilization challenges. One of the competitors has to hold her opponent in each of 10 pre-defined holds for one minute, within which the competitor being held has to escape. If there is no successful escape, the point for the challenge is awarded to the immobilizer, otherwise her opponent receives a point. The holds include but are not limited to schoolgirl pin, foot-scissors, gogoplata-pin, triangle-pin, one-foot victory-pose pin. After each successfully held hold a short victory pose is performed in the same hold. Since this is an experimental release, this title is non-competitive.

Please go to our Upcoming Releases page and let us know by voting in the relevant polls which of these titles you anticipate the most. Note: last open poll was closed on 18/08/2016, since all videos have now been released. You can view poll results on the Upcoming Releases Archive Page.

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