Fight Pulse Mixed Tournament participants

Mixed Tournament #1

Update (30/Oct): The first match of the tournament has been released – MX-94 Rage vs Frank
Update (02/Nov): Jane’s thoughts on the first match of the tournament –
Update (02/Nov): The second match of the tournament has been released – MX-95 Jane vs Frank
Update (05/Nov): The final match of the tournament has been released – FW-72 Jane vs Rage

Dear Fight Pulse Fans & Subscribers, as some of you might already know, on 24th of September we filmed a 3-person mini competitive wrestling tournament with Jane (stats), Frank (stats) and Jane (stats). This is our first mixed tournament.

Preview video:

The tournament consists of 3 matches – Frank vs Rage, Jane vs Frank and Jane vs Rage. A win is worth a point, a draw is worth half-a-point. The wrestler with most points at the end is declared the winner. There is monetary prize on the line for the winner, which is contested by all three wrestlers. Moreover, the title of the Fight Pulse Lightweight Female Wrestling Champion is on the line, as Jane, the current champion, will face off with Rage, and try to defend it.

Tournament poster (click to enlarge):


Information about the competitors:

Name Stats Strengths
Jane 5′ 7″, 121 lb; 171 cm, 55 kg; aged 27 Speed; takedowns
Frank 5′ 8″, 130 lb; 173 cm, 59 kg; aged 27 Upper-body; flexibility
Rage 5′ 7″, 132 lb; 170 cm, 60 kg; aged 24 Power; toughness


If you follow Fight Pulse, Jane needs no introduction. She is one of the most popular wrestlers at Fight Pulse. Her vibrant personality attracts fans. She won the title of Fight Pulse lightweight champion in the 2016 championship, and is currently the most feared lightweight fighter on the roster. She is feared because of the intensity she brings to the mats, as well as her extraordinary speed. Noone has stepped foot on Fight Pulse mats who was even close to Jane in the speed department. Thanks to that and aggression, Jane almost always wins the takedowns (from the knees), even against bigger opponents.


Rage is the dark horse of this tournament. You, dear fans, haven’t even seen her in a competitive match yet. Her first competitive match (against Foxy) will be released in 2 days, based on which we are sure you will come to a conclusion similar to ours: Rage is a tough opponent for anyone in the lightweight division. However, we are yet to see her compete against the elite of the weight-class, whom Jane represents.


Frank is a fit young man, who has been a member of Fight Pulse since May, 2016. He has taken part in over 20 matches at Fight Pulse so far, but has never received a chance of competitive combat against opponents of similar size until now. In the introductory interview (in the preview video above) Frank says that he is happy that he is finally given the opportunity to wrestle competitively against lightweights, and that he will do his best to win. “I am a man, I must win!” he says. Frank is the most flexible male we have filmed at Fight Pulse, and it helps him a lot in escaping holds that seem inescapable. He also has the advantage in upper-body strength against either of his immediate opponents.

Release schedule:

The 3 matches will be released in the given order on the following dates:

30/Oct: Rage vs Frank
02/Nov: Jane vs Frank
05/Nov: Jane vs Rage

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Technical note: we have good news for you, if you appreciate video and audio quality! This tournament was filmed on high-end video equipment. The image quality is outstanding, and for the first time the Full HD versions of the files will be available at 60 fps.

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