2016 Fight Pulse Lightweight Championship

2016 Fight Pulse Lightweight Championship

UPDATE: the first match of the championship has been published: FW-52 Katniss vs Giselle. The release includes information on how the event went and why two wrestlers, unfortunately, were absent. Also embedding the introductory video below with interviews:

The wait is over! Dear Subscribers and Visitors, it’s time for the annual female wrestling championship in the lightweight division (up to 65 kg)! Exactly a year has passed since we held our first championship, which produced some very popular F/F matches, the championship title match between Zoe and Akela, FW-21, quickly becoming a best-seller.

Many of you have asked us during the last two months about the line-up of this championship, which goes to show the excitement of fans in competitive tournaments. We are just as excited as you are, dear fans. So, without further ado, here’s the roster of the event:

Update on 28/Oct: Chrissy Fox pulled out due to health issues. Pink Rose steps in to replace her.

Fight Pulse Competitive Female Wrestling Championship 2016

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General information & release schedule

8 competitors will be wrestling for the title of Fight Pulse Lightweight Wrestling Champion, this trophy, and prize money. The latter is awarded for the first 3 places. The prize money for the champion this year is five-fold the amount given to the winner of the 2015 championship.

The tournament will be in play-off style, starting with quarter-finals. The original 4 match-ups and the tournament chart will be presented with our first release of the championship, which will also include an introductory segment (video) with interviews with all wrestlers.

The matches will be held under the usual Fight Pulse pins & submissions rules. Each mach will last 12 minutes, except the final match, which will last 15 minutes. If there’s a draw by the end of this time, 3 minutes of overtime will be added without stopping the action (5 extra minutes for the final match). The wrestlers will be informed verbally of overtime start. The first wrestler to achieve a pin or submission during the overtime will be declared the winner. If by the end of overtime the match is still a draw, the winner will be decided by 3 judges based on who was the more offensive and active wrestler of the two.

The tournament will be held on Sunday, 6th of November, 2016. The release schedule of the matches is as follows:

The wrestlers

The competitors are (in the order they are currently ranked):

Name F/F record
Zoe (current champion) 4-0-0 5′ 8″, 136 lb; 172 cm, 65 kg; aged 26
Akela 7-1-1 5′ 8″, 136 lb; 172 cm, 62 kg; aged 26
Jane 4-2-1 5′ 7″, 121 lb; 171 cm, 55 kg; aged 26
Giselle 2-2-0 5′ 8″, 120 lb; 172 cm, 54 kg; aged 25
Katniss 3-3-0 5′ 6″, 115 lb; 167 cm, 52 kg; aged 30
Calypso 1-2-0 5′ 6″, 121 lb; 167 cm, 55 kg; aged 20
Mia 0-0-0 5′ 6″, 117 lb; 167 cm, 53 kg; aged 26
Pink Rose 0-5-0 5′ 5″, 115 lb; 166 cm, 52 kg; aged 26

About our competitors:

Zoe is our current champion. She won the title in our first lightweight championship in November, 2015, and defended it twice since, in FW-29 and FW-30. She is one of the more experienced wrestlers on our roster, possessing great agility and upper-body strength. However, her most important quality is her heart and determination, showcased in her razor-thin victory against Akela in FW-21, when she won the title.

Here’s what Zoe has to say about the upcoming championship:

Interview with Zoe about the upcoming Fight Pulse lightweight female wrestling championship

Akela is a ferocious and strong young woman who does not like giving up. She has been a dominant force in the lightweight division ever since she joined. With the exception of her title fight with Zoe, which she lost by a very slim margin, and her very even fight with Jane, FW-27, one of the most intense matches we’ve ever filmed, she has been unstoppable. She is an extremely competitive person and enjoys winning greatly. Furthermore, without a doubt Akela has pound-for-pound the strongest scissors out of the entire roster of Fight Pulse. It is easily discernible from the way Akela dominates the scissors segments in H2H contents, – against Jane, Zoe and Laila, who is a middleweight (72 kg) with very powerful legs. Many of you asked us to repeat FW-21, in order to have closure on Zoe vs Akela rivalry which started in FW-21 and continued in HH-03. Will this championship provide closure? We will have to wait and find out!

Here’s what Akela has to say about the upcoming championship:

Interview with Akela about the upcoming Fight Pulse lightweight female wrestling championship

Jane is another fan favorite who has been nothing short of spectacular in her fights. To understand how dangerous Jane truly is, just watch FW-27, her intense fight against Akela. Jane dictated the pace in that match and held dominant positions more often then not. At roughly 03:31 in the named match she absorbs two accidental elbows by Akela square in the jaw, and only flinches for a second, while the fight continues. She never brought it up and we only noticed it during editing. What a tough lady! While she might not have the wrestling experience of Akela or Zoe, she is a fighter at heart, and her ferocity, a 100% output mentality, and agility make her taking the crown this time, and any other time, quite possible. And while we are bringing up her agility, let us talk about her speed. This won’t come as a surprise to those who follow Fight Pulse constantly, but Jane’s speed is ridiculous. She is on a whole another level. She wins the takedowns almost each round, despite any size disadvantage that she might have, thanks to her speed, explosiveness, as well as a strong upper body. While she lost her chance once, fighting Zoe for the title in FW-30, she told us after the match, that she was not feeling well that day, and wasn’t able to compete at her best. We are very excited to see how she competes in this tournament.

Giselle is ferocious, agile and as competitive as anyone. She possesses incredible speed, second only to Jane, which often gets her dominant positions after takedowns. She is also arguably the most aggressive wrestler at Fight Pulse. She can and does get dirty in fight mode. We have seen her use subtle and not so subtle hair pulls and pinches to advance position or defend. Being a dancer she has very strong lower-body, and most of the time when she wraps her legs around her opponent, it’s only a matter of time before a submission comes.

Katniss is a staple name at Fight Pulse, competing for us since Summer, 2015. In her wrestling career so far she has been in some amazing fights, winning some and losing some. She was one of the four competitors in our first championship in November, 2015, where she wasn’t successful. Katniss’s skillset is constantly improving and she poses difficulties due to lower-body strength and flexibility to any opponent in the lightweight division.

Calypso, being the youngest wrestler on our roster, lacks the experience of most of the contestants in this tournament. However, she is a smart fighter and a very tough one. Calypso is definitely the underdog of this tournament, but she has been improving her skills and poses unique challenges in her fights that might make her successful in the tournament.

Here’s what Calypso has to say about the upcoming championship:

Interview with Calypso about the upcoming Fight Pulse lightweight female wrestling championship

Mia is one of our newest signings. Fight Pulse subscribers haven’t yet seen her in competitive matches, and neither have we. But if you have watched our first release with Mia, NC-41, you can see how athletic and strong she is, and how much exactly she enjoys being dominant in fights. While she is new to wrestling, she is not new to fighting. She has told us about numerous street fights she has been in, and we can only think that she is all the more tougher because of them. We are excited to see her wrestle in a competitive setting in the upcoming tournament. Mia is definitely the dark horse of this tournament. But so is our last competitor.

Pink Rose
After Chrissy Fox pulled out due to health issues, Pink Rose volunteered to step in at short notice. Pink Rose has been through two wars with Akela (FW-39 & FW-42) and a long exhausting 50-minute endurance battle with Jane (FW-47), among other fights. While she lost all her competitive matches at Fight Pulse to date, she has shown great improvement since we signed her in March, this year, and would possibly advance to the middle of the rankings if given a chance.


While the event is organized and will take place as per the agreed arrangements, we would highly appreciate any sponsorship, in order to increase the wrestlers’ pay for partaking in the tournament, increase the prize money, and assist with organization fees. This will help us carry out the event at a high level, as we aspire to. Your assistance will also mean that we can possibly organize bigger competitive tournaments in the future. By supporting Fight Pulse you are supporting the competitive female and mixed wrestling industry.

The three existing sponsorship options are $50, $100 and $200. Any input is greatly appreciated, and means a lot to us! So, if you would like to contribute a different amount, please let us know about it through the contact form and we will create another payment link just for you. Here are the existing custom payment links if you decide to become a sponsor of the event:

What will sponsorship get you besides our appreciation? If you have contributed $50 or over, email us the name of your favorite wrestler after the payment, and she will thank you for your contribution in a private video. Also, those who contribute $100 or over will get be invited to the tournament, to watch it live.

If you are unable to contribute via payments, but would like to support us and enable future bigger championships, please spread the word about the tournament by linking to this page. You can use this full-size championship poster for the purpose: https://www.fightpulse.com/2016poster.jpg


The event is open only to current customers of Fight Pulse. If you are a current customer of Fight Pulse you can come watch the matches live by becoming a sponsor. Please read the entry above for details and relevant payment links.

The poll

As has become customary on Fight Pulse website, we would like to know your expectations of the championship. Please vote below for who you think will become the 2016 lightweight wrestling champion of Fight Pulse. The results of this poll will be read to the wrestlers during the introductory section of the tournament in order to get their responses.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 2016-10-13 04:55:36
End date 2016-11-07 00:00:00
Poll Results:
Who will become the 2016 Fight Pulse Lightweight Champion?

This poll will close on 07/Nov.

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Feel free to leave comments and suggestions about this event in the comments section below!

This post will be updated several times before the tournament start. We might add videos with wrestlers and other information about the event. All updates will be identified here, below the break line, so that you can navigate to the update easily.
Update on 14/Oct: short video interviews with Zoe and Chrissy Fox added.
Update on 28/Oct: Chrissy Fox pulled out due to health issues. Pink Rose steps in in her place. We have deleted all Chrissy Fox votes from the above poll, so, if you voted for her, you can vote again.
Update on 29/Oct: added short video interview with Calypso
Update on 05/Nov: added short video interview with Akela
Update on 08/Nov: first quarter final match of the championship has been published – FW-52 Katniss vs Giselle
Update on 11/Nov: second quarter final match of the championship has been published – FW-53: Pink Rose vs Mia (quarter final #2)
Update on 13/Nov: first semi-final match of the championship has been published – FW-54: Jane vs Giselle (semi-final #1)
Update on 15/Nov: second semi-final match of the championship has been published – FW-55: Akela vs Mia (semi-final #2)
Update on 18/Nov: the match for 3rd place in the championship has been published – FW-56: Giselle vs Mia (for 3rd place)
Update on 23/Nov: the FINAL match of the championship has been published – FW-57: Akela vs Jane (championship FINAL)

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