MX-110: Zoe vs Peter

It’s time! Zoe (stats) and Peter (stats) square off in one of the most anticipated competitive mixed wrestling matches as of late!

This is an absolute must-see for fans of fast, aggressive, competitive mixed fights! While the competitiveness is at a high-level from both sides, one side proves to be the better fighter, and achieves dominant victory.

Zoe’s fans know that while she has a perfect record when it comes to female wrestling matches, things are not that easy for her with mixed fights. In the past it almost seemed liked she lacked confidence and maybe even had a mental block when wrestling males, with the idea that “males have to be stronger than females” lingering in the back of her mind (this is addressed in both pre- and post-fight interviews). Well, get ready to discover the new Zoe!

Click here to read more about this match (possible spoilers)

MX-110 is without a doubt one of the best MX titles we have ever produced. If you are fan of real mixed wrestling, you should absolutely see this fantastic match!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose (foot on face), concluding interviews.

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