MX-154: Zoe vs Frank II

Zoe (stats) returns to competitive wrestling with a fantastic, dynamic, mixed wrestling match, a rematch against Frank (stats), close to 2 years in the making. Can she win this time? This is without a doubt one of the most important mixed fights of 2019.

The following description includes spoilers of other matches, including Zoe vs Rage and Rage vs Frank III. Please skip it if you want to be unaware of the outcomes of these matches.

Earlier this year Zoe suffered her first defeat to another female in a competitive match. After going undefeated for 13 fights in over 3 years, Zoe lost to Rage (stats) in a devastating fashion in the biggest fight in Fight Pulse history, FW-112. In the post-match interview, hiding her emotions, she said that she is quitting competitive wrestling. However, her retirement from competitive wrestling didn’t last long. For the very next scheduled match, against Frank, Zoe said that she has reconsidered her decision, and wants to have a real match.

Frank is a difficult opponent for anyone, especially someone who needs to gain her confidence back first, with a victory after a big defeat. In fact, Frank has a close victory over Zoe from 2 years ago (MX-96). He is in a somewhat similar situation in relation to Rage. Frank recently lost to her in a very demoralizing way (MX-127), and is absolutely guttered by it. As a result, he started fitness training, gaining muscle mass, preparing for an eventual rematch with Rage. He already weighs in for this fight at 62 kg (137 lb) as opposed to his usual 59 kg (130 lb).

MX-154 is a back-and-forth, competitive, mixed wrestling match with a decisive winner, one of the best MX titles of this year, an absolute must see for all fans of real intergender wrestling!

Who wins? Skip the spoiler section below to remain unaware of the outcome of this match.

Click here to read more about this match (possible spoilers)

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