MX-121: Jane vs Luke

Did you miss Jane (stats)? The Queen of Fight Pulse’s lightweight division is back!

Luke (stats) doesn’t know what hit him. Jane hasn’t lost a bit of agility in the last year. She is vicious in her takedowns, immobilizing, quickly wrapping her long, powerful legs, strengthened by years of dancing, around his head, throat and body, subduing him round after round with ruthless efficiency. Jane reminds us why she is at the top of her division, dominating her male opponent with ease, using speed and technique, applying a huge amount of various tight headscissor chokes, as well as bodyscissors, schoolgirl pins and cross-body pins, in a competitive setting, despite giving up in size.

While it is one of Luke’s best fights, as he tries his best to avoid getting pinned and submitted, it turns out that he has no effective answer to Jane’s speed and experience.

Jane’s use of her legs and scissor-holds is outstanding in this match. No matter how hard Luke tries to first avoid and then escape her legs, Jane clamps onto his body, and finds a way to wrap and constrict her legs around his throat, ridding his brain of oxygen, making him turns colors and then submit after futile attempts to unwrap them.

MX-121 is an absolute must-see for fans of real competitive mixed wrestling where a more physically talented, experienced and aggressive female completely dominates a bigger male opponent!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then trampling), concluding interviews.

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