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MX-14: Diana vs Marek

Please meet our newest signup, Diana (5’9″, 154 lbs, 22 y.o.), – a judo black belt! She is, as we expected, at home on the mats, and puts up a display of amazing technique developed during 10 years of judo experience.
In her first match for us she is pitted against Marek (5′ 10″, 141 lbs, 38 y.o.), who has already wrestled for us in the past, although the matches were lost after a system crash. He is small and inexperienced but is a man of incredible strength and agility developed through many years of professional mountain climbing.
We were expecting, of course, an easy match, where Diana would toss Marek around and play with him. But it didn’t turn out just like that, even though Diana was indeed dominant throughout the match. Our wrestling rules are new to her, and she took some time to adapt. Marek’s display of sophisticated ground game and endurance to pain also contributed to what turned out to be a very competitive and interesting match. You can feel its intensity in the demo video below.
All in all, this video is a must have for fans of competitive mixed wrestling who enjoy watching the display of superior technique from the more experienced opponent.
This video follows the usual Fight Pulse layout: short interviews before the match, staredown, the wrestling match itself, the victory pose, closing interviews.

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8 years 5 months ago

very nice