She is on top trying to pin him down

MX-42: Scorpion vs Diego

Last match that we filmed with Scorpion during her visit to Prague turned out to be the most brutal. It was so intense and aggressive at times that we had to make it a shorter match – about 14 minutes of action.

The opponents are equally matched size-wise. Scorpion (5′ 7″, 170 cm; 154 lb, 70 kg) has the edge in technique, while Diego (5′ 8″, 173 cm; 158 lb, 72 kg) has the stronger upper body, although it is difficult to say, since Scorpion is naturally incredibly strong. Diego also lacks the necessary stamina, as we have seen in his matches before. But he compensates that in this match with sudden bursts of aggression. However, his aggression is not controlled, and several times during the match Diego created unnecessary dangerous moments. At about 9 minute mark, after Diego slammed Scorpion off the mats, violating safety rules, we had to pause the match and give him one last warning. Luckily, no injury was caused and Scorpion bravely shook it off and decided to continue the match.

Even though this match is not full of pins or submissions (actually, it turned out to be a pins-only match after all), and there are a total of 6 points between the two opponents, every fall is hard-fought. This match is a must-have for any fan of true competitive mixed wrestling content.

The interviews at the of the match is carried out while the winner stands with their foot on the exhausted and panting opponent’s face.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself, victory pose (foot on face), short final interviews.

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3 years 10 months ago

Old video but still worth feedback. Very good match by both contestants. Scorpion showed how strong she is matching his upper body strength and dominating this guy after a difficult start. Diego seems to be a rather experienced grappler. He is not the youngest anymore but he is still a strong man and it is really impressive how Scorpion imposed her will on him despite his greatest efforts. And can I just mention how AMAZING her outfit is… what a goddess ! πŸ˜€