MX-147: Akela vs Marcus

Fight Pulse fan favorite, Akela (stats), squares off against a male newcomer, Marcus (stats), in an intense, competitive mixed wrestling match, one of the most highly-anticipated matches of this year!

Akela is one of the most successful wrestlers at Fight Pulse when it comes to female wrestling, currently ranked 7th in the pound-for-pound and 4th in the lightweight rankings with a 12W-3L-1D record. However, her intergender record is not nearly as good, with 2 wins and 2 losses in 4 competitive mixed wrestling matches. Will it become a winning record or a losing record by the end of this match?

This is Marcus’s Fight Pulse debut. He is an athletic, durable guy, with background in rugby and some grappling experience. In his first ever mixed wrestling match he is facing one of the biggest names at Fight Pulse, an aggressive, determined fighter in Akela, who has challenged for the lightweight title twice, albeit coming up short both times. Is Marcus good enough to overcome Akela’s vast experience and avoid her insanely strong lower body? Or will the red-haired Amazon add another male to the list of those she has conquered in combat?

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MX-147 is an aggressive, competitive, fast-paced mixed wrestling match full of crazy scrambles between two wrestlers of similar size, with the better figher achieving decisive victory, an absolute must-see for all fans of real mixed wrestling!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (16 minutes), victory pose (foot on face), concluding interviews.

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Profile photo of shesgotme
4 years 1 month ago

Akela delivers a great performance as usual! Marcus is a perfect opponent and I hope they will have more fights in the future. I believe a these two wrestlers need to meet in a escape challenge similar to MX-88, it should be very interesting and exciting. Lotus lock is a must in this match and I think a great add on would be reverse scissor with Marcus facing inwards, no submission allowed just controlling opponent with the scissor for 60 seconds or Marcus manages to escape. The reverse sgp/facesit should be with Marcus arms in grapevine just like Tia does… Read more »

Profile photo of shesgotme
4 years 1 month ago

To clarify, the scissors i mean in my previous post is the exact same as image nr 10 for this video, only difference is that Marcus would be facing inwards.