MX-222: Akela vs Christian

The energetic, energizing fan favorite, Akela (stats), welcomes another male newcomer to Fight Pulse, a young man by the name of Christian (stats). She is happy to show him around the mat, and eager to get him intimately acquainted with it.

Christian has a fighter’s spirit. However, that’s not enough against Akela. Despite being resilient, the newcomer is out of his depth against the aggressive lightweight, who has her way with him. This is a real, fast-paced match, with Akela out-maneuvering, out-wrestling, pinning and subduing the young male towards a crushing 10-0 score, capping off her triumph with an emphatic victory pose.

Akela is in alpha mode. Later into the match, the way Akela follows Christian with her eyes after she submits him will make your heart race. As Akela finds her rhythm she becomes a predator, and Christian her prey. She no longer waits for Christian to make a mistake in order to counter it at the start of each round, but pounces on him, imposing her will onto him, bringing him down under control and subduing him each time, despite his best effort to fight back.

MX-222 is one of Akela’s best mixed matches, and a must-watch for all fans of competitive, but ultimately one-sided mixed wrestling.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory poses (sgpin, then foot on face), concluding interviews.

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Profile photo of Charles
3 years 4 months ago

I enjoyed watching this match! Christian being his first time was not an easy opponent for Akela she had her challenges. 99% of her opponents tap immediately but not Christian. For Akela breathing heavily most of the time she still made this a one sided match. Akela looked stunning, and pulled off a lethal leg scissor at the end. Very intense match which left them both out of breath, sweaty, and tired.

Profile photo of dimer
3 years 4 months ago

excelent !!! Akela you are the best!!!

2 years 7 months ago

Well I love how she smiles at Christian getting submitted and Christian’s face reaction that his knocked out or pass out is cool and something we all like to watch Aleka great job