Anika gaining advantage

MX-46: Anika vs Marek (incomplete match)

True modern-day amazon Anika’s (6′ 4″, 190 lb) second competitive mixed wrestling match ended abruptly. Unfortunately, even the toughest of the warriors can get injured. 4 minutes into the match, and still in the first round, Anika suffered a very deep cut under her second toe of her right foot. To this day we cannot determine exactly what caused it. We had never seen anything like it before. It could have been a result of a combination of a deep scratch and over-extension of the toe at some point during the match that basically split the toe in half. The injury was pretty nasty and incredibly graphic. But there was no sign of panic on Anika’s face. She handled it like it was nothing. I wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that I have never seen such pure and real toughness in my life.

Today is 3 weeks since the injury, and we are glad to say that she is getting much better. This unfortunate accident put Anika out of action for a month – she was instructed not to step on her foot for 10 days minimum, and was prescribed antibiotics. We will see Anika back in action at Fight Pulse in the second half of November.

We are releasing the first and only round of MX-46. By the start of 5th minute Anika was overwhelming Marek with strength and technique, already figuring out how to beat his defense, but alas, the match was not meant to happen. Not this time.

We have cut the after-the-match injury footage out of the video, and have left only a photo of it, not only because it could disturb many, but mainly because this is not the topic our video.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the incomplete match.

Note: The photoset of this video is provided for free (you can find the download link below) since there are only 35 photos in the total set, and the set does not include many interesting holds that would have any value / or justify even the minimal price tag.

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