Diana on top again

MX-49: Diana vs Joseph (pins only rules)

MX-49 is a pins-only competitive mixed wrestling match in judo gis, between Diana (5′ 9″, 154 lb; 175 cm, 70 kg; 23 yo) and Joseph (5′ 10″, 137 lb; 178 cm, 62 kg; 33 yo). This is the second match in this particular style, first one being our popular female wrestling title, FW-17, with Diana and Xena.

Joseph is our most aggressive male wrestler. He is always looking for opportunities to attack, and is never passive. Joseph is fast. He also has a very strong grip, thanks to his mountain climbing background, which Diana comments on in the post-match interviews. Unfortunately, none of that mattered. Diana is a black belt Judoka, and her experience was too much for Joseph to handle. She also feels at home in a judo gi, for obvious reasons. Despite his best effort, Joseph gets pinned time and time again in various perfectly executed pins – tight front schoolgirl pins, reverse schoolgirl pins, grapevine pin, as well as judo pins, such as kesa-gatame and kami-shiho-gatame.

This is an intense and aggressive mixed wrestling match where the male is outclassed, overpowered, and pinned again and again.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself, victory pose (tight schoolgirl pin bicep flex, then foot on chest), final interviews.

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7 years 6 months ago

Is there a victory pose in MX-49?

7 years 2 months ago

Seems a shame that this is pins only, and the only competitive mixed judo match on the side has only two submissions…. oh well, I guess that mixed judo is too much of a niche interest to get much serious attention paid to it…