Diana straddles his back and chokes him with his own arm

MX-31: Diana vs Gregor (mixed judo match)

Diana finally gets the change to her Judo skills in a competitive setting when she is pitted against Gregor in a chokes and joint locks allowed pins & submissions match. Also, unlike any of our previous videos, opponents start from their feet, which allows for interesting takedowns. Even though this is by far Gregor’s best performance for us, he stands no change against the experience and skill of the Judo black belt female. Diana puts on a display of various holds, including two variations of armbars, a kimura lock, sankaku (reverse triangle), and many more holds, including choking Gregor until submission with his own arm twice. If you are a fan of skilled female athletes in gis dominating their male opponents despite their best effort, you are going to love this mostly one-sided match. By 2/3rd of it Gregor is exhausted and absolutely beaten. At one point I ask him on camera whether he is sure that he wants to continue, and he nods. More trouble for the outmatched Gregor ensues.

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Match outline: staredown, the match itself (12 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

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