FW-17: Diana vs Xena (sgpin-only match)

FW-17 is a competitive schoolgirl-pin-only wrestling match between Diana (5′ 9″, 154 lb) and Xena (5′ 11″, 161 lb) wearing Judo Gis. It was produced as a result of a custom request by one of our valuable customers. Submissions are not allowed and only forward or reverse schoolgirl pins are counted as points.

There is no doubt that this is Xena’s toughest match to date, as she is facing our top wrestler, Diana, in her most comfortable outfit – a Judo Gi. The effort put forward by Xena is spectacular. Unfortunately, it is not enough. Diana decisively takes the match in her hands with an amazing number of tight schoolgirl pins – both front or reverse. Xena loses control of her aggression, and in one of the rounds even land an unintentional kick to Diana’s face. But this only distract Diana for a split second from her merciless onslaught.

If you like the schoolgirl pin hold, and if you love seeing one woman dominating another despite the latter’s best effort, this is the video you will not regret watching.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself, long victory pose (tight schoolgirl pin), final interviews.

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