MX-78: Lucrecia and Jane vs Andreas (smother and pindown) – 2F vs 1M

MX-78 is a two-on-one (our first) competitive smother-rules / pindown-until-submission-rules match with Lucrecia (stats) and Jane (stats), against Andreas (stats).

This custom-requested match, just like MX-77 and MX-74, is under a combined ruleset of two of the popular STYLEs of wrestling, smother rules and pindown-until-submission rules, which means that this is a submissions-only match, and submissions can be attained only by smothering one’s opponent or pinning them down heavily until they admit submission due to not being able to breathe, pure pressure on the chest, neck, jaw or face, or out of exhaustion.

Our first 2F vs 1M match went exactly the way we thought. Lucrecia and Jane easily womanhandled Andreas, making him submit round after round quite quickly despite his best effort to fight back. MX-78 is a pretty tough encounter for Andreas due to being immensely outmatched so badly and spending a considerable part of the match double-straddled. The submissions come via way of smothering – facesitting, breast-smothering, belly-smothering, as well as due to him being rendered unable to breathe under the combined weight of his two female opponents.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (24 minutes), double victory pose (foot on chest, foot on face), final interviews.

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