MX-77: Lucrecia vs Frank (smother and pindown until submission match)

Our latest combined smother-rules / pindown-until-submission-rules match, Lucrecia (stats) is facing Frank (stats).

Frank poses different challenges than Andreas did in MX-74, as he is more agile and very flexible. In fact, in a couple of rounds Frank was able to get on top or in a dominant position, but not for long. Eventually his skillset did very little to stop Lucrecia from completely manhandling him. Once Lucrecia made her way on top of Frank, it was only a matter of time until he tapped due to getting smothered via front and reverse facesitting, breast-smothering, belly smothering or heavy high pindown pressure.

This match, just like MX-74, is under a combined ruleset of two of the more popular STYLEs of wrestling, smother rules and pindown-until-submission rules, which means that this is a submissions-only match, and submissions can be attained only by smothering one’s opponent or pinning them down heavily until they admit submission due to not being able to breathe, pure pressure on the chest, neck, jaw or face, or out of exhaustion.

MX-77 is one of, if not the best, smother-rules matches that we’ve produced to date, featuring our heavyweight star Lucrecia as dominant as ever over, in a dynamic battle of the sexes, crushing and smothering her male opponent to submission round after round despite him doing his best to fight back. The long victory segment as detailed in the outline below will delight fans of victory poses.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose segment (front facesit, reverse facesit, cross-body pin, foot on chest, then foot on face).

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