tight schoolgirl pin by Lucrecia

MX-55: Lucrecia vs Andreas

In his second competitive mixed wrestling match at Fight Pulse our lightweight male newcomer Andreas (stats) is pitted against one of our best wrestlers, the original Fight Pulse team member, Lucrecia (stats).

Andreas has certainly learned a couple of lessons from his match with Jane. Most importantly, he has learned how to control his effort so that he can wrestle on the same level throughout the match. He is also starting to understand how to escape from some holds. Will it be enough to wrestle on the same level with an opponent who outweighs him by 80 pounds, and is as experienced as Lucrecia? Don’t read on if you would like to be unaware of the outcome of the match.

Would it be enough, you asked? No. Not at all. Lucrecia uses her wrestling, as well as the big weight advantage to control, pin, facesit, and squeeze her smaller and weaker opponent to desparation and eventual submission time and time again. Although one can clearly see that Andreas’ endurance has improved, it doesn’t help him much, as he gets tossed around and made to tap round after round by his more powerful and skilled female opponent.

Look our for round #6, when Andreas musters up enough energy and quite unexpectedly gives Lucrecia a very good fight. This is the longest round of this match, lasting 3 minutes, until frustrated Lucrecia successfully locks her legs around his neck.

Despite Andreas’s best effort, not surprisingly, this match ends up being a one-sided encounter with a very dominant performance by Lucrecia. MX-55 features several spectacular pins, including two reverse-facesit pins by Lucrecia. The photo of a pin that is used as header image for this release actually took place during the match, and is not a part of the victory pose sequence, as it might seem at first sight.

If you like watching bigger and stronger females dominating smaller and less experienced males despite their best effort in genuine mixed wrestling action, then we assure you that you will love this video.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (14 minutes), long victory pose (schoolgirl pin bicep flex, foot on chest), final interviews.

NOTE: you will see that the file size of this release has increased for about 30%. Typically, a 20-minute Fight Pulse video would weigh 700-750 MB in the past. This particular release is under 21 minutes long and weighs 1.01 GB. We have made changes to our video editing and rendering process recently, and with this 30% size increase comes superior quality. Please compare the quality of this video with any of our previous releases (since May, 2015) for yourself, and let us know by voting below if this quality increase is desirable, or whether you would like us to return to previous file size with inferior quality.

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