MX-150: Rage vs Peter II (onslaught)

Fight Pulse fan favorite, lightweight champion, Rage (stats), and Peter (stats) meet for the second time in one of the most spectacular examples of female physical dominance over an aggressive male in a competitive setting, in a real, mixed, no-rounds onslaught!

Rage, before her rapid development as a wrestler, defeated Peter in their first encounter, MX-109, convincingly, but it was at times a tough fight. Can she put an onslaught on Peter now, a year later? The answer is “yes”. MX-150 is an absolute must-watch for the fans of the rare, but rewarding genre of real mixed onslaughts, perhaps Rage’s most dominant MX encounter at Fight Pulse to date, as she crushes Peter’s body and will on the mats.

Rage has become bigger, stronger and significantly more experienced within the year. She beat Peter decisively the first time. This time she displays complete physical dominance over him, humiliating Peter almost throughout the entire onslaught, absolutely loving every minute of her control and torment. Rage systematically outwrestles, controls, pins, immobilizes and subdues Peter, making him submit many times to each hold, sometimes even ignoring his submissions, physically, mentally and verbally humiliating her male opponent, despite him fighting back at every opportunity he finds.

Rage’s ingenuity in physical domination and what she is able to do with Peter is very similar to what the great Hungarian powerhouse, Tia (stats), was able to do to both Peter and Andreas (stats) in two of the most popular MX titles we have ever filmed, MX-125 and MX-86. What makes it more humiliating for Peter perhaps is that it’s done to him by someone relatively new (newer than him to the scene), and without a weight advantage over him.

If you have a hint of claustrophobia, you should not read about this encounter or see any further. Rage crushes Peter throughout most of the match, either underneath her weight while straddling his face or neck, or between her big, powerful legs, plowing through his defense, leaving him no room to escape, and often no room to breathe. Facesitting and headscissors, especially deep reverse straight and figure-4 headscissors, are Rage’s favorite control and humiliation mechanisms, and she knows how to use them to subdue someone in a real fight. This still from the video is representative of what Peter is forced to endure for a long time:


MX-150 is one of the best videos we have ever filmed, and if you are a fan of real female dominance through unscripted, competitive, mixed wrestling, you have to see this onslaught!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (23 minutes), victory pose (facesitting, then foot on chest, then on face), final interviews (after credits).

Preview photos:

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Profile photo of Egon
5 years 2 months ago

I never regret a purchase from you guys ! This was incredible 😀 ! Watching this I felt like I was in there myself getting humbled like that by this little powerhouse ! I loved the way he was basically getting tied up by her body and had no choice but to have her body all over him like her body was his prison he could not escape from – I loved the intense Facesitting parts. I really enjoyed it, it seemed like you really are in a bad position in an onslought match against Rage because once she takes… Read more »

Profile photo of Ross
5 years 1 month ago

Rage vs Peter has to be one of the best if not the best dominant performances ever. Rage completely obliterated her male opponent with numerous headscissors and breathtaking facesitting positions. It’s also great how she doesn’t release Peter even after he taps out or hollers his surrender and verbally taunts him throughout his ordeal. A must see for those who like to see one sided female domination of a male.

Profile photo of mxwrfan
5 years 1 month ago

I can only agree with the previous posters that this is an amazing video. Rage seems to grow more confident every week, and that confidence is perfectly utilised in this match. After some back and forth fighting in the beginning, though with Rage having the initiative, the nature of the match changes instantly once Rage asserts control with her amazing reverse figure 4 / reverse headscissors. From then on she physically and verbally dominates Peter, and you get the impression that this is as genuine as it gets. Peter really tries his best, but his energy levels are simply drained… Read more »