MX-86: Tia vs Andreas

Our first ever competitive onslaught-style mixed wrestling match features the Hungarian Amazon, Tia (stats), completely crushing her smaller opponent’s efforts and physically dominating him like he is nothing but a toy from start to finish despite his best efforts to fight back, in possibly the biggest mismatch we have ever filmed.

As you know, dear Fans, Tia is a highly-skilled and incredibly powerful woman. Put her skillset and athleticism aside, she would still be able to easily womanhandle the lightweight male, Andreas (stats), with considerable ease. MX-86 is as one-sided as real mixed wrestling can get, with absolute physical dominance of the female. Andreas looks like a small boy trying to fight his athletic mother, who pins him down, inflicts pain and forces him to submit at will, posing over him and humiliating him while he is stuck.

The ingenuity of holds that Tia subjects her unwilling opponent to is remarkable. We have difficulty naming some of the holds, which you will not find in the taglist below this release. Tia puts Andreas in pretzel-like holds, making Andreas admit submission again and again. Since this is an onslaught match, there are no rounds, and Tia switches holds giving Andreas little time to recover before he is forced into another painful and degrading positions.

The victory pose that Tia performs over her outmatched and exhausted opponent is as diverse as the holds she has used prior to it and includes facesitting, inserting her toe in his mouth, body and face treading.

MX-86 is no doubt one of our best domination videos, in spite of being an MX title. Fans of females displaying their physical and athletic superiority over smaller males with inferior builds will absolutely love this (mis)match.

Match outline: the match itself (27 minutes), victory pose (facesitting bicep-flex, foot on chest, standing ankle scissors, foot on throat, foot in mouth, foot on face).

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Profile photo of Tactician
5 years 8 months ago

Great one sided competitive video. Andreas endures a realistic total onslaught by Tia. No matter how much he tries to escape Tia’s holds and gain an edge, he is forced to endure painful scissor squeezes and long facesit smothering. Tia is bigger, stronger and far more skillful a wrestler than Andreas. Tia’s grip on Andreas was constant and she pins him down with ease. At one point he is let loose by Tia and should have got up and run, but she quickly hooped on him and wrapped her legs around him. She tells him he will continue to suffer… Read more »

Profile photo of mwd77
5 years 7 months ago

This is great example of a strong woman completely dominating a man in a mixed wrestling match. Tia puts on amazing display of wrestling knowledge, power, and dominance as she really takes it to Andreas throughout this video! She makes him submit over and over and makes it look so good and so easy! This video is billed as competitive wrestling, and it is in one sense. In that both are trying their best. But Andreas’ best is just no good against a female wrestling warrior like Tia!!! And because of that, it quickly becomes much less competitive and much… Read more »

Profile photo of Tactician
2 years 9 months ago

Right on mwd77

Profile photo of mwd77
2 years 9 months ago

Thank you Tactician!! I am glad that you liked my review of this match! I liked your review here, as well. Tia is GREAT!!!!! :)
I always enjoy watching her wrestle the men, and I love seeing her beating and dominating them, of course!!!

8 months 10 days ago

You can’t be more right. This woman was just too much for the weak boy and he just had to keep submitting to the mughty Tia. Watching this woman give these weak men a reality check and beating them to a pump is so pleasurable to watch and makes me respect this woman so much more she was just physically stronger than him and showed that women are a force to be reckoned with and can easily ragdoll guys that don’t come prepared this woman was just a level above in every aspect

7 months 28 days ago

As a woman I love watching tia perform against men and just show them just how strong us women are. Her physique is astonishing and the way she just toys with this guy is freakish he couldn’t handle a real woman’s body weight on him and was just way too overpowered. This woman can play with mens emotion in more ways than one. So pleasing to see a woman own a man in such a way And just show him that women are just far superior to men. Nothing better than watching a sexy Woman belittle and humiliate a man.… Read more »

Profile photo of Tactician
7 months 25 days ago

I know how good Tia is from personal experience. I have sessioned with her three times and I faired worse than Andreas. She is the larger amazon version of VeVe Lane who I have sessioned many times. They have a passion for wrestling and enjoy being sadistic. I was both highly excited and nervous after I set up matches with them. Each session was like a continuous punishment round. I tried my best and they definitely had a good time with me. I use them both as references for future sessions with others I request to session with. Obviously I… Read more »