MX-125: Tia vs Peter

The Hungarian natural-born Amazon, Tia (stats), is back!

Do you want to see a woman overpower, subdue, control and toy with an unwilling, aggressive, grown-up man using her body and skills? You will. Peter (stats) said in the post-match interview that this was his most painful experience at Fight Pulse to date. This is a true onslaught (no rounds, no resets, multiple submissions per hold allowed) in a true competitive setting for fans of real female domination in a wrestling match!

Tia’s verbal onslaught is almost as brutal as the physical one. Overheard during the match:
– “I need a real man after you, fucker”,
– after Peter repeatedly says “tap”, “is that the only word you speak in English?”
– “I’m sorry if I hurt you, but it’s a huge pleasure for me,” while crushing his neck in a headlock

It would take several paragraphs to describe everything that Tia subjects her opponent to, reducing the aggressive male into a victim, in this squash match. Scissors holds, real facesit submissions, creative chokes, foot domination, verbal humiliation, male begging to stop, and an assertive, spectacular victory pose with a face flattened underfoot, as well as faces of spectators, mesmerized by what a female is able to do to a male – this video has it all for fans of genuine, one-sided, mixed wrestling.

MX-125 is a masterpiece of real female domination, one of the best true onslaughts we have ever filmed!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (23 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then on face).

Preview photos:

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Profile photo of mwd77
1 year 9 months ago

Wow!!! Tia completely whips Peter’s ass in this match!!! 😀 This video is one of the best examples that I have ever seen of total domination of a male by a physically superior female!! I expected that Tia would win this match, based on what I have seen her do in previous videos that I’ve watched from Fight Pulse, but I did not expect her to defeat Peter so badly!! :) I have seen some previous mixed matches that Peter did as well, and he always seemed very aggressive and was often able to mount some offense against women before,… Read more »