MX-61: Laila vs Andreas (pindown onslaught)

This is a competitive single-round pindown onslaught video featuring Laila (stats) and Andreas (stats). In this custom request concept Laila has to pin Andreas down and hold him immobilized in any variation of schoolgirl pin for 15 minutes in order to win the match. Please be aware that this match is shot predominantly from the back, with a rear-view on the pin, often focusing on the pinner’s butt and soles of her feet, as per the custom request.

Laila is certainly known to Fight Pulse fans and subscribers as a talented pinner. We have seen her achieve and perform exceptional tight schoolgirl pins in some of her earlier matches – against Xena (stats) in FW-18, against Revana (stats) in the very popular FW-24 and against a much larger opponent in her first competitive mixed wrestling match, MX-52. But can she hold Andreas down for 15-minutes? She is certainly physically much stronger than her younger opponent, and more experienced too (this match was filmed during one of our first shoots with Andreas, who at the time was very new to wrestling). Laila is also bigger than Andreas. But isn’t 15 minutes too long to successfully maintain a pin against an opponent who is not willing to be pinned?

It turns out, not at all. The actual pin lasts 18 minutes, as Laila comfortably maneuvers herself on top of Andreas’s neck and chest to pin him down with several variations of schoolgirl pin for a longer period than was necessary for the win. Andreas’s attempts to escape from under Laila do not bother her that much, it seems, as she rides her smaller opponent successfully up until the finish, following it with a long beautiful bicep-flexing tight schoolgirl pin victory pose.

Match outline: staredown, the wrestling and one long pin (18 minutes), victory pose (tight sgpin).

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