MX-62: Laila vs Andreas (pindown until submission)

By popular request pindown-until-submission rules return in a mixed title! In this competitive mixed wrestling match our middleweight star Laila (stats) faces Andreas (stats) for the second time.

Before talking about this particular encounter, let’s recall the pindown-until-submission ruleset. The only way to score a point under these rules is by making the opponent submit from being pinned down. The submission has to be uttered. More precisely, the pinnee has to utter the words “I submit” in order to finish the round. The submission from a pin can come in many ways – from being smothered by the weight, being choked via neck straddling, from pain in the biceps from the pressure of knees / shins, from overstretched legs in a grapevine pin, from pain in the jaw from the pressure applied with the pubic bone while in a tight schoolgirl pin, or from squashed ribs during full-weight bodysitting.

Laila and Andreas have already wrestled in MX-61, which was a pindown-onslaught match, which while similar to pindwn-until-submission style, has one significant difference. In MX-61 in order to win the match Laila had to wrestle down and straddle her younger opponent and maintain the pin for 15-minutes. In MX-62, however, she has to make him submit to the pin, and she is not limited to front schoolgirl pin.

While Laila had a very easy time submitting Revana via tight schoolgirl pins in our first and very popular pindown-until-submission title, FW-24 Laila vs Revana, MX-62 features a different case. You can see in this match how rapid Andreas’s growth is as a wrestler. His performance in MX-62 is already much better than in MX-61, and his defense is becoming more sophisticated as he is using his legs cleverly to trap Laila’s in order to keep her from crawling up on him. That being said, Laila dominates the match. She stays on top for lengthy periods of time despite Andreas’s best effort. However, can Laila make Andreas submit under her weight?

If you like watching a strong woman pinning, controlling, dominating and inflicting pain upon a smaller and younger man in an absolutely competitive (real) setting, do not skip this title. Andreas goes through a lot of pain as Laila consistently torments her smaller opponent under her weight applying tight front and reverse schoolgirl pins and facesits – she drives her pubic bone into his jaw, grinds her crotch onto his chin and nose, tries to crush his face with full-weight facesitting, both front and reverse.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (24 minutes), final interviews.

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7 years 10 months ago

One of the best videos I ever saw! Pindown until submission is the way to go! This match is so intense my heartrate went of the charts and Laila is a beast. Andreas is a perfect match for Laila and did an awesome job in the survival departement. Please you must make a part 2 of this with Laila in more revealing clothing. Next time she will make Andreas submit many times and have a nice facesit victory pose after the match!

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4 years 9 months ago

I agree with the previous review. This is a fantastic match ! It shows how good Laila is and if this had been a more open ruleset it would have been very score-heavy because Laila does have amazing physical strength and pretty good technique, which is far too much to handle for Andreas, which is why he gets DOMINATED all through the match. He does defend well because of his agility,durability and also growing skill. But although he could prevent the submission through pin this is still a dominant performance for the female and everybody who loves a femdom like… Read more »