Metamorphosis II? Submit your ideas.

Good day!

A month ago we released the first chapter of Metamorphosis, our latest cinematic effort. While not as expensive as passion unfulfilled, it cost us a lot to produce it, which is why it was important that you like it. And, to our sweet surprise, Metamorphosis was met with unprecedented interest, which removed all questions as to whether we should continue. We absolutely are doing part II.

We would like to do it together with YOU. If this interests you, and if you have ideas on how to continue, please log-in and write them out as a comment below. Please upvote the ideas that you like to bring them more attention.

Speaking frankly, we already have the first draft of chapter II, as well as a basic sketch of part III, which will likely conclude the series, unless… However, some of it is a bit bland. So, it’s a work in progress, really, and we can either spice what we have up or completely rewrite it, depending on the quality of your input.

Thank you and God bless!

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Profile photo of Evan
1 month 1 day ago

So the lady who learnt wrestling from her friend gets ‘drunk on power’ and dominates the man in more and more humiliating ways, until she gets so cocky she challenges the lady who taught her, and gets put in her place. A nice mix of MvF and fvf! The First Lady then knocks out the man too to show her superiority over both at the end.

Profile photo of Bobthegodoftoenails
30 days 12 hours ago

Alex is now a slave to both Lucy and Diana. The girls regularly punish him with wrestling holds. Perhaps he even gets put over their knees for a spanking. At night he’s tied to the foot of the bed Lucy and Diana now share. Alex still thinks he can take Lucy and launches a sneak attack on her while Diana is out. He succeeds at first in tying her up but gets trapped in her scissors when he tries to tie her legs. When Diana returns the girls team up to destroy him until he’s completely docile.

Profile photo of baltonic
29 days 4 hours ago

It seemed to me that the silent communication between the two women and the fact that the friend returned indicates a plan to dominate the husband, That’s pretty interesting continued wrestling matches to teach him his place Maybe the friend moves in with them , or perhaps the wife opens a new chapter IN their marital life. I suppose it could be a cuckold situation as well assuming you want to be that explicit. Great story at any rate I’m excited tosee whathappens next.

Profile photo of Blizzard
11 days 6 hours ago

It seems by this comments that many people want to see the domination gets worst and it’s kind of a bummer for me personally because I would very much like to see more male resilience. Maybe a friend of Andreas (heavier guy) trying to help/save him and loses too. It’s about creating a story of competition before going to pure domination.

Profile photo of dark
6 days 1 hour ago

The husband called 3 of his friends to help him to get revenge. But what he didn’t expect that before they arrive Lucrecia showed up for a dinner with the other girls. After that the guys enter the house and find their friend used and humilated but the 3 girls. They try to attack the girls (it will be 3girls vs 4 guys fight) but they get beaten by the girls who showed them that even that no matter how much they are they will get beaten by the girls! after being beaten all the guys become servants to the… Read more »

28 days 6 hours ago

First off, he insists that he is nevertheless stronger than she is. She proceeds to toy with and defeat him at armwrestling on both sides. He then insists that she couldn’t beat him in a “real” fight from standing position. She ducks back from, blocks, parries and finally shoots under his jabs and haymakers for a take-down into armbar. They both agree to begin taking lessons from her together. However, as their training progresses, it becomes apparent that the wife has a natural talent without needing to try very hard. She is able to remain calm and relaxed and to… Read more »

20 days 7 hours ago

How about a story about a beautiful woman who really believe that she’s is the most beautiful woman in the world that no man deserve to have sex with her that man are so beneath her that don’t deseve to be human but she like to enjoy herself and have an orgasm .and she decided that the only thing that make her happy is to fak a man’s face and use his nose rather than his penis while she enjoy it he must be be suffering from suffocating under her at the same time watching the terror in his eyes… Read more »

Profile photo of alexiss
29 days 34 minutes ago

a beautiful blonde secretary in the office beating up a heavier brunet wife that came to see her husband. the brunet wife is humiliated until she beg to the blonde to stop beating her and she escape from the office. the blonde call her boss informing him what she did to his wife…

Profile photo of ryanaw1
30 days 21 hours ago

How about a assassin who ties up her victim and keeps him in a closet-like area to play with for a few days (but has ordinary life and a clueless friend over while the guy is in there bound and muffled). Maybe she can even knock unconscious another guy why the bound guy is still there, putting them both in the same room together. Then she can take out both around the same time with reverse headscissors when she feels like it.