Ivy Satinee

Ivy Satinee (aka Stella) is a feisty, powerful competitor from Italy who visited Fight Pulse in May, 2019. Ivy is ultra-competitive and has a dynamic, aggressive wrestling style.


Height: 5′ 3″ (160 cm)
Weight: 132 lb (60 kg)
Division: lightweight (up to 65 kg)
Born: 1990
Background: athletics
Private sessions: Yes (competitive, semi-competitive, domination)

Videos with Ivy:

MX-159: Ivy Satinee vs Frank (Mixed Tournament #3 – semi-final 2)
Release date: June 27, 2019
Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Pins & Submissions
Description: ...In the second semifinal match of the mixed tournament, our strong Italian guest, Ivy Satinee, squares off against Frank. It's time to find out the second half of the final fight!.. Full description & preview pics →
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