Tia mixed wrestling

MX-09: Tia vs Miki

In this match from October, 2013, the true Hungarian amazon, Tia, wrestles competitively against small but very powerful Miki. This is a completely one sided mixed wrestling match as Tia dominates Miki the entire time demonstrating her bjj & wrestling skills by submitting him with an array of holds from both disciplines, among which are leglocks, armbars, triangle holds, boston crab, rear naked chokes, headscissors, and so on.This ends up being a very painful experience for Miki, but Tia seems like she enjoys torturing him. The fight ends with a beautiful long victory pose as Tia stands victoriously over Miki’s body with her foot on his chest and then his face. There are no interviews in this match, just 22 minutes of pure female domination on the mat.

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