Madame Curie

The rising star of the session scene, German powerhouse, Madame Curie, first arrived to Fight Pulse in June, 2020, and shook the mats with the bodies of her opponents. The athletic, agile, skilled Hapkido expert is a problem for anybody on the mats, and is keen to demonstrate this. The power she can generate with her legs in a scissorhold is absolutely insane. She said that she is not here to take part, but to take over, and even named the wrestlers she is planning to subdue in the introductory video which you can watch below. Stay tuned, as the videos with Madame Curie are absolutely not to be missed.


Height: 5′ 8″ (172 cm)
Weight: 148 lb (67 kg)
Division: lightweight (60 to 70 kg)
Born: 1988
Background: Hapkido
Private sessions: Yes (competitive, semi-competitive, domination)
Contact: [email protected]

Videos with Madame Curie:

FW-163: Facesit Indulgence II (Curie vs Foxy)
Release date: January 25, 2021
Type: Competitive Female Wrestling
Rules: Facesit Onslaught
Description: ...Real, competitive F/F facesit onslaught, an absolutely demoralizing victory of Madame Curie over Foxy... Full description & preview pics →
Video (21 minutes): $13.99
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Photoset (450 photos): $5.99
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NC-211: Madame Curie vs Marek (onslaught)
Release date: December 12, 2020
Type: Non-competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Onslaught
Description: ...Madame Curie paints a picture of cruelty and subjugation on her male victim's body and mind in this spectacular onslaught... Full description & preview pics →
Video (21 minutes): $13.99
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Photoset (449 photos): $5.99
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MX-211: Madame Curie vs Andreas (humiliation finish)
Release date: July 20, 2020
Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Rules: Pins & Submissions
Description: ...Madam Curie has arrived! She claims she is here to take over Fight Pulse. But first she needs to get through Andreas... Full description & preview pics →
Video (41 minutes): $15.99
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Photoset (734 photos): $7.99
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Profile photo of Charles
10 months 19 days ago

Curie says she can beat Zoe and Akela. I have my doubts.
You better be ready to be smothered tightly under Zoe.
Be ready to be squeezed by Akela’s legs of steel.
Let’s see it Curie!

Profile photo of petranka68
10 months 17 days ago

Curie is good and strong enough, but I’d like it to see her vs a strong and dominant woman like guest Pamela from Italy.. I bet she would be severely beaten up 😉 Curie is good, but not as agood of such Pamela, or Rage imho

Profile photo of drexultimate1
5 months 7 days ago

Curie vs Suzanne FW

Curie vs Zoe FW