Scarlett is a force of nature! Naturally insanely powerful, athletic, determined and aggressive, she is a wrecking ball on the mats. Scarlett first attended a Fight Pulse shoot as a friend of our staff member. She watched our guest, the Hungarian Amazon, Sheena (stats), dominate two quick, aggressive males in real, unscripted matches, and enjoyed it so much that she came back the next day for training. We started filming with her the following month. Scarlett is one of the most promising Fight Pulse recruits. With experience and training she might even be unstoppable.


Height: 5′ 8″ (173 cm)
Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
Division: middleweight (65 to 80 kg)
Born: 1992
Background: Muay Thai
Joined Fight Pulse: Dec, 2018
Private sessions: No

Videos with Scarlett:

coming soon

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