Fight Pulse May Event – Postponed

NOTE: We have removed payment links temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This event is under question at the moment. Read this blog post for more info.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the event has been postponed. More info in this blog post.

In November, 2019, we hosted our first ever live event. It was memorable weekend, to say the least! Based on popular demand, it’s time for a reunion!

On the weekend of 23-24 May we will be hosting our second ever live event. You will meet and hang out with some of the best session wrestlers of the world, as well as local Fight Pulse wrestlers, watch fights live and session in private spaces!

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Payment links have been taken down temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read this blog post.

The event has been postponed. Read this blog post.

General Information

The main event days are Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24th of May, when the live show will take place. However, most wrestlers will be available Friday through Monday for private sessions, so the venue will be open with all amenities all 4 days. Several Fight Pulse local wrestlers as well as many guests from other countries will be in attendance. Besides being able to session with your favorite fighters, you will also watch the wrestlers fight for dominance in competitive F/F and mixed matches matches, as well as competitive and non-competitive onslaughts. Arriving to Prague on 22nd and departing on 25th of May is recommended if you are planning to attend the event both days.


The event will be hosted in our studio located in Prague district 10. It has 2 floors, 2 bathrooms, 2 shower areas, 3 private session spaces with thick mats, and a bar open at all times. Dinner and partying will take place on the ground floor, the matches will take place on the first floor (the same area you see on all our photos). There’s a terrace which can also be used to rest and relax. It is a private, safe, comfortable venue, only 20 minutes of drive from city centre, easily accessible via public transport. For those who travel by car, parking in front of the building is free, and easy on weekends.


The program will be as follows on both days:
10:00 event start (introduction of wrestlers the first day)
10:30-14:00 live matches
14:00-15:00 lunch break
15:00-19:30 live matches
20:00 dinner (party on Saturday with music and contests)
23:00 transport back to the apartments for the wrestlers


Below is the list of 15 wrestlers who have confirmed attendance so far, along with their stats and a link to their SessionGirls or WB270 profiles. There will be a minimum of 16 wrestlers on the roster. We are currently in correspondence with 2 more wrestlers and will add them to the roster once confirmed. Check out the list of updates to the event page and the roster on the bottom of the page.

Name Stats Strengths Session profile
Ashley Wildcat 5′ 9″, 137 lb | 175 cm, 62 kg | Lightweight leg power, focus SG
Axa Jay 5′ 5″, 145 lb | 166 cm, 66 kg | Middleweight experience, strength WB
Bianca Blance 5′ 6″, 132 lb; 168 cm, 60 kg | Lightweight agility, aggression SG
Black Venus 5′ 7″, 145 lb; 170 cm, 66 kg | Middleweight strength, skillset SG
Diana 5′ 9″, 163 lb | 176 cm, 74 kg | Middleweight experience, top control WB
Jenni Czech 5′ 7″, 128 lb | 170 cm, 58 kg | Lightweight leg power WB
Lia Labowe 5′ 8″, 140 lb | 173 cm, 63 kg | Lightweight skillset, aggression SG
Lucrecia 6′ 0″, 242 lb | 183 cm, 110 kg | Heavyweight size, endurance SG
Madame Curie 5′ 8″, 148 lb | 172 cm, 67 kg | Middleweight strength, agility WB
Pamela 5′ 5″, 123 lb | 165 cm, 56 kg | Lightweight raw strength, aggression WB
Rage 5′ 7″, 152 lb | 170 cm, 69 kg | Middleweight top control, aggression SG
Roxy 5′ 5″, 117 lb | 165 cm, 53 kg | Lightweight pindowns FP
Sasha 5′ 1″, 110 lb | 156 cm, 50 kg | Lightweight resilience, endurance FP
Sheena 5′ 5″, 163 lb | 164 cm, 74 kg | Middleweight skillset, strength SG
Viktoria 5′ 10″, 148 lb | 178 cm, 67 kg | Middleweight experience, leg power WB
Warrior Amazon 5′ 7″, 160 lb | 170 cm, 72 kg | Middleweight raw strength, skillset SG

Live Matches

Live matches held throughout both days will make up a significant portion of the event. The majority of the encounters will be competitive female wrestling and some mixed matches, all either under pins & submissions rules or onslaughts. There will be ~22 live matches throughout 2 days – 14 F/F matches, 8 mixed matches. The schedule of bouts will be finalized a week before the event. We will try to schedule the best and most-wanted matches for both mixed wrestling fans and female wrestling fans among guests. Some probable match-ups are:
– Diana vs Black Venus II
– Bianca vs Axa Jay II
– Axa Jay vs Rage
– Diana vs Madame Curie
– Bianca vs Madame Curie
– Viktoria vs Pamela
– Axa Jay vs Lucrecia II
– Rage vs Frank VI
– Pamela vs Andreas
– a competitive tag-team match
Besides close, intense fights, there might also be several one-sided match-ups where one wrestler will be able to showcase their wrestling prowess and domination skills at the expense of a weaker opponent in a competitive setting. There will possibly also be matches with wrestlers who are not on the event roster, like Akela. All matches will be filmed and published on Fight Pulse later this year. There will be benches and chairs around the mats for you to watch the matches closely. Masks will be available if you would like to wear one for privacy.


You will be able to session with the wrestlers throughout the day, from 09:30 to 23:00, in 3 private spaces at the venue. We will have a designated session coordinator at the event to help arrange and schedule sessions for everyone, to make sure they don’t coincide with the wrestlers’ live matches. Session rates are standard for live events in Europe. Email us at [email protected] for information. Booking sessions during the event is possible, but it is best to email us the list of wrestlers you know you will have a session with after the ticket purchase, so that we can arrange your sessions before the event and guarantee you the spots. Sessioning on Friday, 22nd, and Monday, 25th, are also possible, but these need to be confirmed and agreed on in advnace, due to some of the wrestlers possibly arriving late on Friday, or departing Prague early on Monday. Sexual sessions are prohibited at the event.

Food & Drinks

There will be finger-food and non-alcoholic drinks available at the buffet downstairs throughout the day, free of charge. Lunch and dinner will be available for pay at the bar on the ground floor. You will have 3 options for both meals, including a vegetarian option, all cooked and prepared in the venue. You can pay for these by either local currency (Czech korunas), Euros, or by credit card. The meals are cheap, around 4-5 Euros each – Prague is one of the most affordable capitals in Europe.

The Party

The party will take place at 20:00 on Saturday, 23rd of May. There will be food, drinks, music, contests with prizes and more. First drink is free for everyone. Some local Fight Pulse wrestlers who are not on the event roster will attend the party.


There are several good, affordable hotels and apartments not far from the venue, a list of which will be sent to you with your ticket. But if you choose to stay in the city centre, getting to the venue is quite easy too. Prague has an excellent public transportation system. We will give you all the information necessary to get to the venue wherever you choose to stay. If you need any assistance with booking a room, email us at [email protected], indicate your customer code received during ticket purchase, and we will help you sort it all out. Of course, the earlier you book your room, the less it will cost.

Safety & Security

We will have an EMT on board who will hopefully do nothing throughout both days. But if there are any injuries, scratches, bumps, etc, at live matches or sessions, we will have a trained medic to take care of it. There will be a security guard at the event to make sure everyone is safe and secure.

Tickets & Attendance

The 2-day ticket costs 280 Euros (310 USD). The ticket for Saturday only costs 200 Euros (220 USD). The ticket for Sunday attendance only costs 170 Euros (190 USD). You receive a customer code with the ticket which you will mention to enter the venue. A ticket gives you access to the venue on the selected day or both days, access to the all-day snack table with finger-food, soft drinks and coffee. The 2-day ticket as well as the Saturday-only ticket also give you a free drink at the dinner party on Saturday evening. You have to be over 21 years of age to attend the event.


You can pay for tickets by credit card, SEPA, PayPal, or directPayEu, as usual through our billers, CCBill or Epoch, by adding the selected custom product from the 3 options linked below to your cart and checking out. You can also pay by direct wire transfer. For direct wire transfer, contact us for banking details. Paying at the gate is possible, but this option is limited to people who are close friends of the club.

Come join us in experiencing the world of fetish wrestling in the heart of Europe and support your favorite wrestlers! Together let’s make a memorable weekend worthy of repeating!

Payment links have been taken down temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read this blog post.

The event has been postponed. Read this blog post.

Support the Event

If you are unable to attend the event but would like to support us and the wrestlers, we would appreciate any contribution!

The three current sponsorship options are $50, $100 and $200. Any input is greatly appreciated, and means a lot to us! So, if you would like to contribute a different amount, please let us know about it through the contact form and we will create another payment link just for you. Here are the existing custom payment links if you decide to become a sponsor of the event:

What will sponsorship get you? If you contribute $50 or over, email us the name of your favorite wrestler among the competitors after the payment, and we will film a special thank you message with her for you.

If you are unable to contribute via payments, but would like to support us and enable future, bigger events, please spread the word about the live event by linking to this page. Feel free to use any of the two posters linked above.

Contact us at [email protected] or through this form if you have any questions.

If you are not subscribed to Fight Pulse yet, you can do so through the form on the right sidebar. Subscribers get automatic notifications via email about new releases, as well as site updates and blog posts. Being a subscriber you will not miss a thing related to Fight Pulse.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions about this event in the comments section below.

This page will be updated several times before the event start. All updates will be listed here, below the break line.
Posted on 05/Feb: the original announcement
Posted on 18/Feb: Viktoria has confirmed attendance and has been added to the roster
Posted on 11/Mar: Lia Labowe, Ashley Wildcat and Warrior Amazon confirmed attendance
Posted on 16/Mar: removed payment links as a result of COVID-19 outbreak (read this
blog post
Posted on 26/Mar: Sheena has confirmed attendance and has been added to the roster. The roster is completed.
Posted on 03/May: unfortunately, the event has been postponed (more info in this this blog post)

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