MX-160: Bianca vs Frank (Mixed Tournament FINAL)

It’s time! This is the final match of the mixed tournament, to decide the best fighter out of the 4 competitors! You can read more about this tournament and watch the interview with all competitors on our blog: Mixed Tournament #3.

If MX-160 is not the best competitive mixed fight of 2019, it is certainly a strong candidate. It is aggressive, fast-paced, emotional, and has an almost cathartic finish (for the winner) rarely seen.

Bianca (stats) got here by beating Luke (stats) comprehensively in the first semifinal. Frank (stats) beat Ivy Satinee (stats) to make it to the final in a relatively close encounter in the second semifinal match. The stakes are high. Both wrestlers are highly competitive and will do whatever it takes to win. However, there can only be one champion.

Bianca and Frank simply go to war until one proves to be the better fighter. If you are a fan of real, close, competitive mixed wrestling, you absolutely have to see MX-160!

Match outline: pre-match interviews, staredown, the match itself (30 minutes), victory pose, concluding interviews, interview with the audience.

Preview photos:

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1 month 27 days ago

Good action wrestling, both good wrestlers. I like it.