NC-243: Andy vs Frank (domination rules)

In her NC debut Andy (stats) boasts her love of control and subjugation over Frank (stats) in this domination-rules mixed match!

Reminder. Domination rules is one of our most popular rulesets. It includes only pins and submissions using feet or via facesitting.

MX-243 is a classic one-sided real mixed match featuring a stronger, infinitely more skilled woman dominating and humiliating a helpless male.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (17 min), victory poses.

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3 months 9 days ago

WOW this woman is unstoppable this was an instant buy and damn did this lady deliver she is a freakin goddess these guys are powerless against this savage of a woman she is absolutely phenomenal just like every other man this queen has faced he’s another victim of assault she just anhilated and womanhandled the “man” and toyed with him like a boss. An example of a weak man getting pummelled and obliterated by a far superior Woman