Coronavirus pandemic and how it affects Fight Pulse

Dear Subscribers,

I hope this message finds you well! I hope you and your close ones are not affected by the disease.

This is obviously a difficult time for everyone. However, we cannot forget that it’s every individual’s responsibility to do everything we can to slow down the spread of the virus. Please follow the WHO’s guidelines on how to take care of yourself and protect others. Wash your hands often and try not to touch your face when outside.

Seems like elderly people or those with existing health issues are the most vulnerable. If you are in this group, stay home, stack up with canned food, cereals, pasta, cancel all visits, and do not let people visit you. If you have elderly parents, do not visit them unless it’s an emergency.

If you are healthy, and you do not worry about getting the virus, you really should. Not because of you, but because you can spread it to others, who are more vulnerable than you.

Do not panic, just be vigilant.

Here’s how the COVID-19 outbreak affects Fight Pulse. The Czech government has declared an emergency state last week, and is tightening restrictions on movement and social life everyday. We are in quarantine – you can only go out to work, for groceries or other essential stuff, or for emergency visits, and need to stay at a distance from other people. Borders are currently closed for most travel. As a result, we have cancelled Madame Curies late-March visit to Fight Pulse and are considering scratching all shoots until better times. We have a lot of unreleased videos, enough for many months, so releases will not be affected by the lack of shooting. We will still be releasing 3 videos per week, as usual.

As for the May event, it is currently under question, which is why we have removed the payment links, as I do not expect anyone to commit to it now. However, I am not cancelling it yet since it’s over 2 months away and things might get better soon in Europe with all the restrictions by many of the states. If your intention was to visit the event but you haven’t bought a ticket yet, please mark the date in your calendar, and let’s hope that things get better soon, and that we can make an amazing weekend full of memories.

Until then, stay safe!


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