HH-15: Human Rodeo

In this special, custom-produced, real human rodeo contest 3 riders, – Zoe (stats), Sasha (stats) and Ali (stats), – and 3 bulls, – Laila (stats), Torsten (stats) and Christian (stats), – compete to establish the best rider and the best bull.

This is a unique format featuring real riding and real effort from the “bulls” to dismount the riders. The outline is the following:

Two riders and their bulls compete at one time. The bulls have 30 seconds to buck off their riders without themselves falling onto the ground. The riders are tied to the bulls with a belt. The riders are allowed to hit the bulls with a riding crop to distract / dissuade them. If the bull is unable to dismount the rider within the time perioud, then a victory lap is done around the mat. Then the contest continues until either the rider falls off, or the bull falls to the ground unable to withstand the weight of the rider. The winning rider enjoys her victory atop the bull.

HH-15 is made specifically for riding fans and is a must watch for fans of back straddling and real riding in a competition format.

Preview photos:

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