SF-03: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis has arrived!

We’ve been working on this for a while, getting our feet wet filming the first two in preparation. If it hits a nerve, let us hear you here or on the forum, and spread the word!


Plot: Alex and Lucy, a young Prague couple, have Diana, a new friend of Lucy’s, over for dinner. As the evening gets darker and the wine bottle – lighter, Alex finds himself in a precarious situation.

Andreas (stats) as Alex
Sarah (stats) as Lucy
Gloria (stats) as Diana

Duration: 14 minutes


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Profile photo of madowdy
3 months 18 days ago

This video is amazing! The story is so well produced, and it really gets into the psychology of losing to a female in combat. Very erotic! I look forward to more installments.

3 months 15 days ago

Outstanding production and storyline. Great acting by everyone. Both ladies were amazing. Gloria’s portrayal of Diana was both psychologically intense as well as physically intimidating. Loving this cinematic style. Looking forward to the next one!

Profile photo of marcos12
3 months 11 days ago

Absolutely brilliant. One of the best videos I’ve seen of a guy being wrestled and beaten by a girl. Hope you make more in this series and others too!
Big shout out to all the people in the video and especially to Gloria – she is amazing.

3 months 17 days ago

wish it had gone on a little longer. Was very turned on by the ending.

Profile photo of Nyiri
3 months 13 days ago

As usual FightPulse provide the good content. MORE plz !