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What’s going on with Fight Pulse?

Hello, thrill seekers. Naji here. Hope this message finds you well… into a deafening squeeze!

The human mind is an interesting thing. Sometimes, deep into a sleepless night, always unexpectedly, it starts to change, shifting shape. I took some time off, for the most part, to address this.

Ours seems to be a time of change. If you’re going through a rough terrain, feeling pain, keep going, keep feeling it, as pain is a sign of change. It will end, as all things do. Put your trust in yourself. Shoot me an email if you feel like you can’t handle it.

Thanks to your truly relentless support the business is alive. My staff is intact, and currently learning how to publish videos. We have a lot of content and will be releasing on schedule before you say “10, pin!”

Bless you!

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Profile photo of Rhinos
26 days 7 hours ago

Great to hear from you, and really glad to hear you’re hanging in there and doing well!! I’m sure I’m not the only fan that misses the frequent video releases of the old days, but I imagine that the whole COVID thing really hit you hard with being able to have matches, film, edit, etc. Really hope things are getting back to normal-ish, even if slowly, and hope that one day things will get back to normal for everyone. You’re one of the best, if not the best, producer out there, and always look forward to the next release. Wishing… Read more »

Profile photo of Nyiri
18 days 13 hours ago

Love your content. Can’t wait for you guys to return with full force !

Profile photo of Yves B
17 days 14 hours ago

Good to hear from you! Hope there will be another event soon!

Profile photo of Tactician
17 days 14 hours ago

Glad to see some Fight Pulse action again with recent releases. We’ve missed Fight Pulse and you Naji. Your the best in the business. Hope all is moving forward & improving. Best wishes!