MX-105: Rage vs Luke

In this spectacular, intense, competitive mixed wrestling match, with a purse for the winner, Rage (stats) is pitted against Luke (stats).

Luke says in the introductory interview that since this is a competitive battle, he will try to avenge his “loss” to Rage – Rage’s first match at Fight Pulse was a non-competitive domination-style match against Luke. Luke has improved since joining Fight Pulse, but so has Rage, and her skills have progressed exponentially. Can he do it? Can he turn the tables in the real one, and show that domination matches are usually NC (non-competitive) titles for a reason?

It turns out, absolutely not. Luke fights like he has never fought before – this is without a doubt his best fight to date. The purse that was promised for the winner as extra motivation might have played a role. We had to make at least 2 breaks during filming for Luke to catch his breathe. Luke does give his all. But Luke’s all is not enough.

Not only does Rage win this match, she wins it with style, showing complete physical, technical and mental superiority over Luke. MX-105 is a very physical, emotional, exhausting encounter that will surely be in contention for one of the best competitive mixed wrestling matches of this year. Rage is in control throughout the match and conquers her male opponent leaving no doubt as to who the superior wrestler is between the two. Through natural toughness Rage is able to escape the few times Luke gets in control, ultimately reversing the position, and continuing her conquest.

Rage controls Luke’s body via pins, half and full-nelsons and submits him via scissor holds many times during this match. In the post-match interview Rage says that the full-nelson holds were her favorite moments of the match, adding: “…his body was like a puppet to me. I could do whatever I wanted. I felt like a puppet-master.” She also talks about what it feels like to dominate a guy physically in a real unscripted combat.

If you love real mixed wrestling where the female is able to dominate the male imposing her will and physicality on her opponent, crushing his best attempts to fight back, you absolutely have to see MX-105!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (neck squat bicep flex, then foot on face), concluding interviews.

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