FW-82: Akela vs Revana II

Akela (stats) and Revana (stats) meet again, 3 years after their first match, in a no-rounds onslaught style battle for dominance.

The two staples of Fight Pulse have improved quite a bit since their first encounter. However, Akela was and still is the much superior wrestler of the two.

Akela quickly imposes her physicality on Revana and dominates the match from the beginning till the end, making Revana submit hold after hold, often making her submit multiple times to the same hold, and pin her almost at will despite Revana doing her best to fight back the onslaught. Revana is not able to fight off Akela’s big powerful thighs, wrapped around her like a python, that engulf her face, neck and body to pin, squeeze and subdue her throughout the fight. Akela’s dominance over her opponent-turned-prey is absolute. Revana’s suffering is amplified with foot domination holds by Akela – foot on face / neck pins and a rare surfboard stretch submission – as well as the ruthless verbal humiliation from her conqueror.

FW-82 is without a doubt one of the best FW releases we’ve ever produced. If you enjoy F/F domination, with one female showing complete physical and technical superiority over another in a competitive setting, you absolutely have to see FW-82!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (27 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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3 years 5 months ago

Akela was a 10 out 10 in this match. I wish she would do more matches in shorts ( Fitness Spandex) I dont know why she doesn’t do facesitting and more smothering.