MX-200: Lucrecia vs Peter III (humiliation finish)

In our 200th competitive mixed wrestling video, two of the first members of the Fight Pulse team, Lucrecia (stats) and Peter (stats), square off again after over 5 years, to find out whether anything has changed since they fought, in a real, humiliation-finish match.

Lucrecia vs Peter I and II were some of Fight Pulse’s earliest competitive mixed matches, both released in 2014. Since then Lucrecia went on to become a Fight Pulse fan favorite, as well as a popular name in the wresting scene, and Peter… Well, after his return he had some wins at Fight Pulse, most notably a hard-fought victory over Akela in MX-114, but mostly his matches with both the local female wrestlers and traveling talent ended up with him under the opponent’s foot. Nevertheless, he has indeed improved significantly since the first time he met Lucrecia.

That, of course, doesn’t matter much. The heavyweight wrestler runs through Peter, beating him with an even higher score than before, dominating him both physically and verbally throughout the match, and visibly enjoying humiliating Peter in the second part of the video, trash-talking to him, calling him a sissy, emasculating and humping him while straddling him from behind. Crushing body-and-headscissors, pindowns, smother submissions, foot domination, verbal humiliation – there’s a lot in this video, and it certainly features one of Lucrecia’s best performances in mixed matches.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then on face), humiliation finish (7 minutes), concluding interviews.

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